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Dear Readers, I’m an administrator from the German version of Tamspalm (, but today I want to write an english article for you.


We have already talked about the new online features of PocketTunes 5. Now I wish to give an overview of the new functions, which you can also use in offline mode.

Probably the most interresting new feature is the synchronization with iTunes. Now, you can’t only sync with the Windows Media Player, but also with Apple’s iTunes.

I have got some problemes with the tool during my test period: After a time consuming installation process, the sync between iTunes and PocketTunes on PalmOS needs many hours as well. Approximately 5-10 seconds per song.
It takes a lot of time to sync large music libraries above 1 GB.

Podcast-Men├╝ in pTunes 5.0

PocketTunes 5 also offers new Podcast-features. So, you can add new Podcasts from a list, chosen by Normsoft, the producer of PocketTunes. It’s also possible to add Podcasts manually.
I guess, the most useful feature is the possibility of automatically deleting Podcasts already listened to.

screenshot0000 PocketTunes 5   whats new? (2)

Further innovations :

  • PocketTunes remembers the last position of songs
  • Now PocketTunes support PNG-files as albumcovers
  • A warning is shown if the muteswith is on

Version 5.0 is also available for Windows Mobile and iPhone/iPod.
Trialversions are available here.
4.x-version Owners are able to purchase it at a lower price. More information here.

According to Mark Belliveau, the vice-president of Normsoft, a German version has not been available yet might be issued in future.

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