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Started out with a palm m100, and worked up to a Tungsten T5.

I recently purchased a Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC. First of all, this thing was NOT “Ultra Mobile”. The joystick to control the mouse requires you to push the menu button down the entire time you’re moving the mouse. This, plus the fact the mouse moves about 10 pixels a time on the screen makes it nearly impossible to use without the stylus.

Windows XP, is not designed for the 800×480 screen. Menus appear off of the screen, and you then have to switch to interlaced mode select the menu, then switch back because interlaced mode looks terrible.

Keyboards, in XP you really do need a keyboard. It’s just too hard/slow to do anything without it. Sure, there’s handwriting recognition, But again the Windows XP Tablet PC OS that ships on UMPC’s is designed for 1024*768+ screens. It just doesn’t work very well.

Price. The Samsung Q1 costs $999 minimum. And you get a low-res screen, poor battery life (this is next), cheap graphics, low HDD space, low RAM, and horrible CPU’s. The $999 model Q1 comes with a 900mhz Celeron, 512mb RAM, 40GB HD, and GMA900 graphics. That will set you back $999, if it was 2003 I could justify this price, maybe.

Battery life, This thing is terrible. I got 2 hours with the screen on pretty low. I know some of the newer UMPC’s improve this, but it’s not gonna cut it. Our PDA’s/ Smartphones can last all day.

In the end, I just swapped it for a Toshiba laptop with 120GB HD, Vista Home Premium, 1GB RAM, Core Duo @ 1.73GHZ, and I save $160 in the process.

It’s been a while, but I thought I should post a little update. I’ve been palmless for a few months (Although I own a WM5 phone) and I made an impulse purchase at CompUSA. They had one Zodiac 2 and one Zodiac 1 for $149.99 and $129.99. Well I just HAD to buy the Z2. Tapwave went brankrupt last year so these are becoming increasingly rare to find brand new. I had a camera on my desk so I took some unboxing pics. I’m to lazy to resize and upload each one right now, so here’s the flickr set.

I ordered an MPX220 Smartphone today. If people are interested I can post a little review (or a big one). It is a Windows Mobile Smartphone, but sometimes it’s nice to see what’s available on the other side. Here’s a brief overview…

It’s made by motorola and runs “Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition” (nice short title huh?). It has 32mb of RAM, and 64mb of ROM. It has a Dual core 200mhz TI OMAP processor. It also has an 18-Bit screen and a Mini-SD card slot.

Well If you guys never heard Bean (originally worked for tapwave) is selling Brand new DEMO zodiacs reflashed with the standard rom for $130. Well I ordered this and recieved it (although slow) in excellent working condition. If you want to learn more about this visit I also ordered the Fossil Wrist PDA and am very happy with it. I will be posting a review on my site palmAttack here are some pics (taken with my Phone)




Wrist PDA





Now that ipods can store contacts, have color screens, play movies, and play music, Would you consider just buying an ipod instead of a palm? Everything I did on my zodiac I can now do on an ipod, except for use a touch screen. But is the click wheel good enough? I am considering buying a 30gb ipod and using that as my main device. The only thing that I would miss is internet, but internet on a 320*320 or 320*480 screen isn’t that great anyways.

What do you think? Is palm no longer needed? or am I just to in love with the ipod? Think of it this way, 30gb ipod $299 or a 4gb lifedrive $499 or a 2gb ipod nano $199 tungsten T5 $349. a Tungsten T5 can’t do that much more than an ipod and is more expensive.

what do you think?

-Mitchell Rusk

Textware solutions has now discontinued Fitaly For Palm OS. They were sick of palm changing the DIA code and not telling them what they changed. There will be no Fitaly updates from now on.

I’m a graffiti person myself, but will anybody here miss Fitaly?


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