The Carnival of the Capitalists is one of the longest-running blog carnivals on the web. It covers all kinds of business-related topics and usually gets at least 50 entries sent in – recently, hosts were allowed to filter. I took the freedom to make this edition of the carnival relevant to Micro ISV’s in the Palm OS business – if you didn’t get included this week, next week’s host will probably like your post better!

I took the freedom to divide the posts into categories for easier locating – this has served us well for the Carnivals we hosted before – never change a working system!

David Maister looks at what managers do wrong most of the time.

Slow Leadership takes a look at why communication fails.

Small Business Trends brings in an article looking at what people who get employed at small companies tend to miss the most.

Travis A. Sinquefield brings us an interesting article comparing Task Motivation and Goal Setting – an interesting read for all employee motivation freaks.

Tyner Blain brings a few guidelines for calculating ROI efficiently.

Wayne Hurlbert looks at the benefits of good customer care.

IT and somewhat related stuff
Our old friend Pawel Brodzinski(have him on my Plucker list for half a year now) brings along a post with his top reasons on why subcontracting fails.

fivecentnickel brings us an interesting post on expiring miles in frequent-flyer programs. This one could be interesting for everyone who does coupon marketing…

GreatFX brings a cool article on business cards. Their site seems to have loads more of design information – could be a worthwhile blog to follow!

James S Logan writes about the insignificance of “business age” – something to keep in mind when purchasing a product(but not when advertising yourself – ever heard of psychological effects at purchase time:)).

Andrea Dickson takes a look at what’s behind all the Pennystock spam.

BusinessPundits takes a look at how entrepreneurship can be used for flirting(!!!).

If weird suits your taste, Personal Finance Advice’s Conversation with a burglar could be useful in finding the next hiding spot…

BigPictureSmallOffice seems to contain a load of interesting content, although their carnival post is not too interesting.

Self improvement
freemoneyfinance compiles a list called “The best Financial Advice ever“.

Krishna De writes up a list of things to help you complete a (business) book – interesting for all ‘wannabe’ writers.

Wally Bock took a look at promotions and analyzed the ones people consider the most stressful.

Overall, hosting a blog carnival always is a risky thing(you could get all-crap easily). However, I am satisfied with this issue(it contains many interesting blogs to add to Plucker) – what do you think?

Welcome to TamsPalm, readers/visitors of the Best of Me symphony. TamsPalm is a medium-sized blog that carries interesting and amusing news on Palm OS handhelds, entrepeneurship, business, marketing, life, employees and running a software house! I decided to split this carnival up into sections to make finding the posts easier – feel free to comment if you dislike my sorting.

Before I start the posts, I want to thank all hosts for submitting their wonderful posts. This carnival prohibits filtering, so please forgive me if some of the posts are boring/crazy/funky!

MyMoneyForest has an interesting article about broker fees.

Madeleine Begun Kane has a funny post on the madness of multi tasking(but hey, I just learned to do email on the loo!!! :-) ).

TFS Magnum has a blog post on how arming citizens reduces crime.

People and world views
Wars are a bad thing according to most people – but apperently, some can find good in them too. Jon Swift sees them as a manifestation of god – hmm…

Mark Rayner gives us a post on stone age men.

Jim Sullivan has a post on a drunken antartica explorer.

Leslie Carbone has a post on how a Prada logo ruins a film.

The Owners Manual has a poem I dont understand.

Dont ask me what this guy wants to tell me…but I feel sorry for the fallen man.

Welcome to TamsPalm, readers/visitors of the Carneval of the Vanities. TamsPalm is a medium-sized blog that carries interesting and amusing news on Palm OS handhelds, entrepeneurship, business, marketing, life, employees and running a software house! I decided to split this carnival up into sections and decided to filter a bit, too – feel free to comment if you dislike anything I did!

Before I start the posts, I want to thank all hosts for submitting their wonderful posts. I tried to select only those posts that really fit – this carnival of the vanities should truly contain only posts I would print out to read(and will).

Francois Tremblay has an interesting post on making mistakes(this seems to be a hot topic right now). He looks at them from a political system’s view; but his theories and conclusions are very interesting for everyone who runs a business.

You should really check your product name’s meaning in foregin languages – as Jack Cluth illustrates in an impressive fashion.

Jack’s shack has a post on religion and morality.

aparna has a post on the power of a nap. I personally prefer a coke(just reminded me…gotta link up with that coke brand in germany)/tonic water to a nap, but if a nap helps you, go straight ahead.

Employees of my favourite topics. Glad there are some good posts on it here!
Dan Melson has a good post on why its dangerous to force tired people to work. He looks at air traffic controllers, but the conclusions could be important for anyone who runs a business(except if he employs subject teachers, that is =) ).

Wayne Hurlbert has a very interesting post titled you are not alone. He looks at Bloggers facing Blog fatigue, but the concepts given here make a good add-on to any manager’s arsenal.

Ian Anderson has a post called the 20$ trick that looks at how customers can bribe hotel clerks by tipping them…if your clerks are bribeable too, they either don’t get enough cash or don’t identify with the company enough…

FreeMoneyFinance looks at calculating the amount of cash you need to be on the safe side when retiring. For me, retirement is still very far away…but its always good to know(and I may just retire early…altough did you ever see a workaholic blogger retire??)!

Debt free has an interesting post about what rich people use their cash for(Dmitry, what about a comment?)

Aleksandr Kavokin has an interesting article on human tests for medicine

Lisa has a post on surviving a hurricane with a toddler.

Critical Mastiff has an article on Islamofacism. Its good, but rather long…

Jack Yoest has an interesting article on how Wal-Mart uses politics to get more sales. While a small Micro ISV can’t really benefit from it, it makes an interesting read nevertheless.

Mike has a post on different forms of government. The most remarkable thing about the article(and why I put it in the PR section) is the illustrations he uses(female breasts, altough no pornographic content) – very creative…

Well, thats it for this week’s carnival of the Vanities. I hope that you enjoyed my filtering and liked some of the extra stuff to read. You can stick around and look at our other content(the Editorials Category is a nice soup of stuff), comment on our content(free and anonymous) or you can just go back to your daily trot. I thank you for reading this, and wish you a nice day!

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Face it; Blog carnivals are everywhere. There is a blog carnival for just about any topic – for just about any topic except for Palm OS handhelds. The Carnival of Mobilists – while great – is not focussed on any platform, and thus publishing reviews, etc there is not an option.

Since good stuff comes only from trial and error, the TamsPalm team hereas announces the Carnival of the Palm OS!

Submission rules are very simple:
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Carnival publication Monday

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