End of March I sold my TX. And I bought myself a Tungsten C. I will tell you why I made this “downgrade”.

At first sight the TX is the better device: the TC doesn’t have BT, it has a smaller screen, less RAM, only mono sound and the old PIM software. But why did I sell the “better” device? Because of this two main reasons:
- Grafitty: the recognition rate of the TX’s Grafitty field is really bad. Entering more than a handfull of characters is very uncomfortable. The TC has a keyboard which makes writing much more easy.
- stability: The TX was the Palm which needed the most resets ever. Especially VersaMail caused one softreset after another. I had to reset the TC only once since I’ve got it.

This were the reasons which made me sell my TX. Now that I own a TC, I realized some more advantages of this device:
- speed: programms run faster than on the TX. E.g. AvantGo starts up maybe a second faster.
- screen: the display of my TX had a slightly blue touch. The TC’s screen has clear, pure and bright colours.

I don’t miss BT and stereo audio too much. I have a T-Mobile SDA now (more on that soon) which I use for mail, internet and chat on-the-go. And I have an iPod for listening to music.

At all, the TC is not a perfect Palm. But I don’t want my TX back anymore.

Did you ever change to an older Palm?

We didnt write much about the Treo 700p recently. And nope, we didn’t receive a “stfu pill”, we simply dont know anything worth to share. However, since today seems to be a very slow day in terms of news, what about a bit of speculation?

Lets first gather up what we know. We know that Amazon Germany currently is crapping the LifeDrive. We know that Sprint is set to receive a Treo 700p in May. So, what about ganging all of this up to form the following:

Palm will IMHO announce at least a new Palm OS Treo and a new LifeDrive this year.

Multiple things support this theory. First of all, the 700p is already as much as confirmed, so this is not really a problem. Palm could IMHO not justify killing the LifeDrive line after starting it with so much press blah-blah. But since the LifeDrive we currently know wont cut it much longer(imho), an update needs to come eventually…

There may be a new camera handheld
Palms camera Zires were pretty popular(imho). So, why not update the Zire series yet again. Up to now, Palm missed no major step in camera technology, they had a VGA one and a 1.2 MP one. So, now that 2MP is coming, we may see yet another updated one!

There will probably be no extra “business handhelds”
To be perfectly honest, a TE2 and a TX are both very good devices, devices that I would give to my best friend without worries. The stats are still pretty ok, so why not stick to the boxen for now?

What do you think?

Well If you guys never heard Bean (originally worked for tapwave) is selling Brand new DEMO zodiacs reflashed with the standard rom for $130. Well I ordered this and recieved it (although slow) in excellent working condition. If you want to learn more about this visit tapland.com I also ordered the Fossil Wrist PDA and am very happy with it. I will be posting a review on my site palmAttack here are some pics (taken with my Phone)




Wrist PDA





Some of you can still remember the editorial on how the PalmOS is ideal for use in digital cameras. In case you didn’t, here is a link to it:
Anyways, Archos apperently reads TamsPalm :-) , and thus they launched their Gmini 402 Camcorder portable media player. The most outstanding feature is the integrated 1.3 megapixel camera. The machine still lacks a touchscreen though, and apperently can’t multitask or send email. However, it supports Mophun games-so, the device can somehow be programmed after all!

I am not sure what to say about this box. It doesn’t endanger the LifeDrive IMHO, as it doesnt have a touchscreen and is a clean media player(the LifeDrive is more of a convergence device). However, it shows that Archos knows what to do, and adding a touchscreen is not an act requiring too much skill!

What do you think?

Read more over at CNET’s:

Recently, Nexave had the TX going for just 210€, which is a very good price for austria. However, neither I(T3) nor Alexander Gratz(TC) upgraded…

The reason for this is simple. The TX does not give us a significant benefit over our current machines. The dynamic RAM of both machines is double to triple the TX’s amount, and the processor is faster too. Due to FullPower our batteries last long enough,… .

So much on thoughts. But does that make the TX a bad device? I dare to say nope, we simply aren’t the intended audience for the box.

A few months ago, Jeff Kirvin(god bless him wherever he may be) podcasted about triangular upgrading-Palm does not expect users to directly jump from model to model, but rather “evolve” slowly, upgrading once every one to two years.

And indeed, for a m5xx and partially also Tungsten T or T2 owner, this handheld makes a lovely upgrade(if you forget about the voice recorder for now). These machines slowly but surely get old, and the TX has everything needed to replace them. The CPU is faster, the RAM is bigger, the dynamic heap is bigger too.

If the rumours about the new Treo 700p’s memory configuration are true, time has slowly but surely come for us though. The handheld generation that follows it will probably have the same huge dynamic RAM and probably also a faster processor-then, the tooth of time will gnaw on olur purses once again…

What do you think?

This is all speculation. We have no idea if it is really true
Mike Mace started talking about the LifeDrive. Then, the PIC chimed in…

One of the core points made in the discussion was why the LifeDrive used NVFS with a hard drive(this was the source of the lag most of us experienced). This was especially ridiculous, because the first rumours said that ther LifeDrive would have real 32 MB of RAM and the 4 GB disk mounted as a VFS drive similar to the T5′s internal drive.

Now, some marketing executive at Palm’s felt uncomfortable about the RAM size or about how it lost all of its data when the handheld was “force-powered off” due to an empty battey. But the planar already was produced-so do what? An OS patch was chosen as “quick fix”. The StrataFlash that was needed to store the OS code was used for an NVFS partiton, and the RAM was used for NVFS’S caches and databases. As soon as this system somehow worked, one fired it out onto all the planars and began selling them as the LifeDrives we know.

This would explain why the rumours were talking about a 32 MB RAM device. Because-um-most solid rumours can’t exist qwitrhout hardware backup, there must be at least a few LifeDrives with “Real RAM” on them. If you are lucky enough to own one of them-please contact us at Tamog@gmx.at! Your email will be deleted immediately and your name will not be published!

Dmitry Grinberg has written a good article on the problems with NVFS. If you have had problems with your NVFS device, and want to know why, you may want to read this article. You can find it here.

Well, a long while ago, probably over a year ago, I wrote an article describing some technology seen in the last couple CES shows. It was about quantum optical memory. It seems Mobileread has written an article about the technology this year.

Take a look:

My old article
The Mobileread article

What do you think? (Note: I am not trying to insinuate Mobileread stole my article or anything like that :) )

Now that ipods can store contacts, have color screens, play movies, and play music, Would you consider just buying an ipod instead of a palm? Everything I did on my zodiac I can now do on an ipod, except for use a touch screen. But is the click wheel good enough? I am considering buying a 30gb ipod and using that as my main device. The only thing that I would miss is internet, but internet on a 320*320 or 320*480 screen isn’t that great anyways.

What do you think? Is palm no longer needed? or am I just to in love with the ipod? Think of it this way, 30gb ipod $299 or a 4gb lifedrive $499 or a 2gb ipod nano $199 tungsten T5 $349. a Tungsten T5 can’t do that much more than an ipod and is more expensive.

what do you think?

-Mitchell Rusk

Apparently, the DSP wasn’t such a stupid idea after all. Anyways, it would have been-if Palm would have been able to release the documentation for the Tungsten T series DSP. Anyways, those days are gone-but BroadCom now targets mobile phones with a new multimedia processor(that essentially is a DSP).
The BCM27xx family recently got new members that can do the following:

  • H.264 CIF video encoding/decoding at 30 frames per second and TV output
  • Support 5mpixel cameras
  • Do VGA MPEG4 video
  • All members of the family are software compatible

Do you believe that DSP’s have a future? Or do you believe that rising CPU performance and lack of SDK’s will kill those cores on the long run?

Everyone who knows me on 1src, or other Palm forums knows that I love my TH. I tell everyone about it, and I believe it is the best PDA out right now, even though it is no longer in production. Besides the incredible battery life, it has onboard WiFi, integrated audio and video chips, and a low speed processor (which contributes to the battery life). There really isnt anything like it. The LifeDrive has Wifi, and so good connectivity, but its battery life doesnt close to measure up to the TH, and it cant handle audio quite as well, due to the lack of playing time, as well as hard drive lag when accessing media. The Treo has internet access, and though it can be used almost anywhere, it doesnt quite measure up to the speeds of wifi, and isnt as good at accessing local networks quickly (IE, for file operations). It has a smaller screen, and some of the same problems with battery life, though its nvfs system certainly helps the battery life. We then have the T5, which has BlueTooth, and can access networks (with some accessories), but has limited connectivity out of the box.

Now, all of these are good PDAs. The Treo is a great smartphone, the LifeDrive has alot of storage, and the T5, well…., it was a fairly good all around PDA. But now we have something a little different, called the Tungsten X. Now, the T|X is not going to be revolutionary. As it says on the box, it is “Affordable WiFi”. It isnt a budget PDA either, in any respect. It will clearly be the successor to the T5. It will have a slower processor to offset the lower battery life from WiFi use, but it still should be fast enough to do even processor intensive tasks. Now here is where we get to the point of this article.

What could get me to buy it? At the moment, my TH can play fullscreen video at fairly good quality. As I have said, it can play audio for long amounts of time. This is something the TX will have to do. In addition, the main determining factor will be the battery life. I cant get over how good the battery life is, and though I know the TX will not have battery life as good as the TX, I can accept lower battery life, as long as it is good. Dmitry Grinberg is working on a dynamic clocking app which should increase battery life dramatically on devices with this type of processor, so I should not be too worried about battery life. This in mind, I may consider the TX as a replacement for my TH, and, if for whatever reason my TH died it looks like this would be the device that replaces it.

Please direct all comments and questions to the comments section.

This is all speculation. I don’t have access to apple insider data or anything! This is just, I repeat just, a bunch of thoughts emerging in my brain-feel free to comment your point of view

Recently, a cool user modded his ipod nano so that it would use a harddisk. Ownage! Ownage, yes, but who is the one who actually benefits from this. Users: maybe. A nice MAX727 can fix most power-related problems, and a 200GB ipod. Manufacturer? Definitely!

Generating publicity for a product is difficult, as it costs money and requires loads of know-how. Newspaper ads can be clearly identified as such and are ignored by most readers. Same thing is valid for banner ads and TV commercials. However, product hacks and other such stuff are usually not connected to the manufacturer of the device. They generate loads of buzz that nobody associates with the PR department of the company!

Thus, such buzz is extremely effective! Hundreds of sites will link to the page that has the hack, and most of those reviews will also link to the manufacturer(something we did not do, note that please). The effect of this is immediately visible: the product gets loads of attention AND the manufacturers web site gets a huge Pagerank boost. Last but not least, the hack might also get into the editorial content of newspapers-a place where it is very difficult to get in by waving $$$.

So, the manufacturer of a gadget has huge benefits from having his product “hacked” or “owned”. Implementing such a hacking possibility is not difficult (if it really gets hard, use a few jumpers/resistors like Palm did with the V) for the OEM, and leaking data out to the public is also relatively easy due to the anonymous nature of an internet cafe! What do you think?

When the T5 was introduced, many users-me included-ranted about its plastic case. The people on the “dark” side couldn’t understand our fears-PocketPC’s usually don’t ship in metal cases.
Most users like metal cases for two reasons:

  • Sturdyness
    While the IIIc had heat and stability problems with its plastic housings, the m5 and V series usually survive falling 30cm and more. Also, a metal case can stand higher temperarures then a plastic one.
  • Design
    Face it-metal housings usually look nicer then stock plastic ones. In addition, plastic has more of a cheap touch-something palm user’s eyes are not glad to accept.

However-now come the weaknesses

  • Weight and Cost
    Well, usually a metal case is more expensive and heavier then a plastic case. While I do not have exact figures here, I have already touched and carried metal and plastic bars at my technical schools. And trust me, the metal bars were way heavier…
  • Icyness
    And here we have the main reason why I loath my T3 sometimes. In austria, things can get uncomfortably cold, down to more than -10 degrees centigrade. While a plastic housing does not really conduct warmth/coldness-the metal housing does. Oh boy, you can’t imagine how my hands froze to the old m505 in Winter sometimes.

That was a quick lineup of pros and cons. However, now it is YOUR TURN. Visitor-what do you prefer? Metal or Plastic-the (anonymous) comment casts the vote!

We all know Mike Cane, and most of us share a strange dislike for him(not me though). Well, the poor guy wrote an editorial with PalmInfoCenter-and he immediately got a nice flogging. Serves him right, doesnt it?
Actually, it does not serve him right. Altough he chose an extremely provoking title-nobody does like beeing called a sucker- and made a few big mistakes comparing kernel and API, two of his core statements are sensible.

Lets start with him stating that OSses shall soon be interchangeable. While this definitely wasn’t true a few years ago, the Palm OS nowadays runs on ARM processors. Same architecture like PocketPC, Symbian, Linux and a load of other OSses. Lets face it-my stock Siemens SX1 almost equals a Tungsten T without touchscreen(OMAP CPU, 4MB of RAM, pretty big screen(higher resolution than Zire 31),bluetooth, MMC-Slot,…) . And a standard PPC is more-less a Palm OS handheld with more ROM and a different screen format!
A german reviewer(I know him as a trustable source) even found out that the T3 was produced with ASUS-a company that is known for a huge selection of PocketPCs. I think that the dominant question in the following years will be: Touchscreen?

Next thing:
Mike thinks that PalmSource will soon start porting the core Palm OS PIM apps to other platforms. Many commentators thought that a suite of Date Book, To Do, Address Book and Memo Pad would have no chance on the market. However-lets face it. What is Outlook? It is essentially the same thing bundled with a decent email client. If you think that Microsoft should stop developing Outlook, come on and mail’em! See what they answer you, it will be funny for sure!
What do you think about my statements?
P.s. Thanks to Steven Fisher for pointing out the thing with the API!

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