There are very few number of cases where the corporations put their efforts for the betterment of humanity. Rest all the time they just care about profits.

One such case is the Chobe district in the Botswana. For those of you who do not know, Chobe district is one of the worst malaria infested districts of Botswana. And the traditional methods are exponentially incapable of controlling an outburst of malaria. What the Botswana Government did was to equip it’s health workers (as a pilot, already running since 3 months) with Palm Pre 2 and the Cloud.


The pilot of this project involves equipping health care workers in the Chobe district with HP smartphones that allow these workers to collect malaria data, notify the Ministry of a malaria outbreak and tag both data and disease surveillance information with a GPS coordinate.This pilot will run throughout the malaria season in Botswana. The future of this project is to expand it to all outbreak-prone diseases in Botswana and have the Ministry receive data of disease outbreaks in real time as well as increase the efficiency of paper methods of data collection.

Goal / Long-term Vision

To assist the Ministry with data collection and surveillance for dangerous diseases in areas with remote clinics that are without internet connections.

Stakeholders / Project Partners

HP, Ministry of Health, Clinton Foundation, Malaria No More, PING/BAPL, Mascom

The detailed diagram can be found below:

DiseaseSurveillanceMapping 262x300 Disease Surveillance & Mapping in Africa using Palm PreThe health workers can upload real time data, pics, map coordinates, notes and what not to the cloud for ready access and effective counter-attack to the malarial outbreaks.

The program is, as we have told above, a pilot. It will run for 9 more months. But the cream of the cake is that the next target for this operation is Polio and Pan-Africa. :)

Makes me smile…!!!!


Golden Playlist is now available for webOS phones (Pre, Pre+, Pre 2, Pixi, Veer). Read the app description below. A free light version can be downloaded in Palm’s App Catalog.

Feel like music and videos on your webOS device? Get Golden Playlist!

Our product lets you create, manage and play your favourite media files by using so-called playlists.

While other playlist apps are music-only, our app can also take care of your favourite movie clips. Another advantage of this app are its flexible playback options. You can play…

• the full playlist
• a number of songs
• a couple of minutes (sleep-timer)
• or a never ending loop.

Of course you also can select a playback order. Play the songs of a list randomly (shuffle) or in normal order.

Do you want to start the app and it plays your last activated song? Do you want to pick a list manualy? No problem, just choose an option.

Golden Playlist supports cable and bluetooth headsets. You can use the headset to control the play status (play/pause/next/last song).

Further informations.


Have you ever gotten tired of the plain, boring, bland Google Search page? Doesn’t blue on white get old after a while? If so, then check out Google Colors: it spruces up Google with 5 different color combinations. You’ll never want to use the plain old Google again.

Below are five different links taking you to a whole new Google Search experience. Remember, same great Google Results and layout, just with a bit of style. Continue reading »

A blogger by the name of Jon Lech Johanson has released a small snippit of (presumably) Pre code which tells, in layman’s terms, iTunes that it is an iPod while in their recently announced “Media Sync” mode.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that current versions of iTunes will indeed sync with the Pre — Until Apple pushes out an update to iTunes to block this, as it inevitably will. The sync technology taht they use is, like all Apple technologies, held very close to their company and they are really a fan of the Walled Garden philosophy of software design (we will provide you with approved software for your iPod, approved software for your media sync, and these will only run on approved hardware.) They will change the technology used in the sync on their products, push it out in a iPhone upgrade and an iTunes upgrade, and make it impossible for the Pre to use this Media Sync Feature.

It also entails negative effects on open source applications with the ability to sync to the iPod, such as RhythmBox and Amarok. These tools rely on the standard method of sync that has been reveresed and changing these sync methods will break existing software, if these updates are pushed to the devices.

What does this mean for Palm?

Apple won’t sue The Big Orange over this, in my opinion. Unless there is more code than what Jon originally posted, mimicking a “trade secret” or patented sync method, there is little grounds for anything else that would stand up in court. Sure Palm used iPod values in standard USB descriptors in place of their own, but that is in no way patent infringing or in any way illegal.

The question is not the legal ramifications, but the egg that’s going to be splattered on their face when Apple decides to do something to break this “feature” that Palm has announced as supported and hyped. People buying the phone expecting it to sync flawlessly and JustWork will be disappointed, and Palm will get ever more bad PR.

Just what it needs.

What do you think Apple will do? Will their suits be banging on Palm’s door, or will their sync finally be set free by Big Orange?

The Palm Pre will arrive on June 6th. On this date the device will be available in all Sprint stores in the US. Best Buy, Radio Shack and selectecd Wal Mart stores will sell the Pre as well. According to Palm the price for the device will be $199.99 (after rebates etc).
The release date for europe was not mentioned.


450px La2 euro EU Commission wants to tackle data roaming tariffsThe EU commission has undertaken quite a few regulatory actions over the last year: according to The Unwired View, a further change could be upcoming in the near future!

First of all, roaming tariffs will be reduced to €0.40 for outgoing and to €0.16 for incoming calls. Billing will be by the second. SMS users will be happy about a 11cent/sms cap (all prices without VAT).

People into data also get some love: a price cap of 50 cents per megabyte (billing per KB) and a fixed limit will ensure that travelers don’t get too many nasty surprises.

As of this writing, the EU Parliament has not approved the steps outlined above. But: we should know more by July 2010…

Image: Wikimedia Commons / Lars Aronsson

Snake oil Most gamers not addicts   Keith Bakker, addiction expertHospital wards all over the world fill up as more and more snake oil salesmen get cerebral stroked and heart attacks. Austria’s hospital system is breaking down, parent mortality rate exceeds 50%.

The horror scenario outlined above could very well become truth if Keith Bakker, head of Europe’s only clinic for gaming addicted people, gets more media attention. His bold claim:

“These kids come in showing some kind of symptoms that are similar to other addictions and chemical dependencies,” he says.

“But the more we work with these kids the less I believe we can call this addiction. What many of these kids need is their parents and their school teachers – this is a social problem.”

Paddy Maguire (BBC News) visited him in Amsterdam, and interviewed him on a variety of gaming-related topics. Another popular myth was debunked in the process:

This kind of aggression is not uncommon in young gamers who feel frustrated with their real lives. Besides addiction, aggression and violence form part of the ongoing debate about the influence of gaming on impressionable minds.

When two students killed twelve pupils and a teacher in the Columbine High School shooting in the US in 1999, many believed that their common interest in playing violent games had helped to trigger the massacre.

Research at Smith & Jones seems to imply that feelings of anger and powerlessness often pre-exist a compulsion to play violent games. In some cases these people find each other in the gaming world and form a bond based on those feelings of alienation and anger.

Do your editor a favour and be a good net citizen: pass this story on to your friends and colleagues. Millions of gamers will love for you…it’s a karma thing. Deal? Thank you!

Finally, the TamsPalm team managed to relaunch PalmWiki, our Palm OS information database. A Wiki enables every visitor to edit pages, so the whole Palm community can help creating this database.

About two years ago, when TamsPalm moved to another server, the Wiki database and all backups were lost. Luckily, Google’s Cache and had some of the old pages still availible. But as this sites only have HTML code which needs to be converted to MediaWiki code, the import of old data needs some time. But some pages (main page, software, hardware, …) are already present and the Wiki is ready to be used again.

The new URL is:

This is just a quick hit to any members of the ACCESS Palm-Dev-Forum subscribed by email.
My inbox has been hit with 500 “new” messages from the palm-dev forum dating back to September 2000.

I suggest that all users who subscribe via email and have a limited inbox* temporarily unsubscribe from email IMMEDIATLY until this issue can be sorted out.

I will do my best to let you know when this issue is fixed (ie, my inbox is done being flooded)

*If you want over six gigabytes of storage, filters and loads of useful crap, get a gmail account ;) ! My GMail is currently automatically archiving the “new” palm-dev forum posts.

As some of you may know, mobile game producer PDAMill stopped developing and supporting their Palm OS games early last year and took them off the market. Recently though, they posted this on their website:

Several years ago, we developed many of our great titles for the Palm OS platform. However, in February of 2007 the decision to stop development for the Palm platform was made and our products were then discontinued.

Until now, all of these titles were only available to customers who had purchased the games in the past. Due to an incredibly high demand, we have now released all of our past Palm titles for FREE!

Catch the details and download the games for Free here on PDAMills website.

Thanks to Magellan at Brighthand for the tip.

Last time we talked about converting files between different formats on your computer with the excellent Zamzar, but what about opening archives directly on board your device? There is nothing more frustrating, in my opinion, than not being able to open certain archives on your device. For the most common archive format – ZIP – I recommend the versatile Resco Explorer, which handles these with ease. But what if you need to open one of the less common archive formats, like RAR for example? Well until now you were out of luck; your only option was to use the MobileRAR Java Midlet that could run inside the IBM JVM which Palm no longer offers for download, and even then it was horribly unreliable. Any file over 5KB it would either spit out and not unpack at all, or it would corrupt it – not something I would want to rely on.

But once again we turn to an online source to help us out. Just the other day I came across a website called WobZip and it claims to allow you to decompress a whole host files online, including 7z, ZIP, GZIP, TAR, RAR, and CAB, just to name a few. It clearly said that it is still under development and may not be the most reliable, but it performed flawlessly in my tests. But the best part is that it can be used directly from within Blazer (you need either PalmOne Files installed or maybe TreoOfflineViewer), NetFront and most other Palm Browsers (obviously, if you were on a PC, you could just use something like 7ZIP…). I may not trust it with really important stuff, but for normal things, it has worked great.

What do you think?

Austrian wireless carriers have battled one another for a long time; causing steep price droops and rock-bottom-cheap plans. Unfortunately, as a side effect, shop clerks get less and less skilled. Readers recently reported me loads of horor stories about T-Mobile Austria…time to print them out.

Availability whac-a-mole
T-Mobile Austria offers special contracts to members of the press – these are clearly advertised on the web.

However, shop folk knew about 20% of the available options – wonderful… . A request to talk with the supervisor was ignored.

Contract whac-a-mole
04022008078 T Mobile Austria Shop horror   or   the value of trained staff
The friendly guy above has sold yours truly bread and groceries for like 5 years now. In fact, his uptime is actually higher than mine – nevertheless, he experienced a lovely game of whac-a-mole at T-Mobile’s.

When porting his age-old tele.ring contract to T-Mobile(same mother company), the company requested 5 different credit checks. And no, they didn’t request them on block – but rather piece-per-piece. So…he ran to the shop five times…in vain.

Additionally, three clerks independently told him wrong information about included free minutes – they claimed 1000 free minutes for each competitor network, but the plan offers only 1000 for all of them combined.

Data whac-a-mole
Essentially a copy of what was written above, except that it happened a year ago. Shop guy told me I had 500MB free…but I had only 250. Cool!

Service outage? I don’t care!
While T-Mobile usually is reliable, outages truly strike you hard. I once had a GPRS outage at 2400 night and called a hotline. The conversation was approx. like this:

Me: You have an outage
CC rep: Call tomorrow
Me: Mate, listen up – this is a SERVICE OUTAGE!
CC rep: I don’t care


In the end, low rates benefit everyone – but they should IMHO not be financed on the expense of customer care. The examples above could have caused gigantic issues to the affected folks…something that definitely should not happen…ever…

What’s your personal carrier peeves?

P.S. I forwarded this post to T-Mobile’s press department – let’s see what they say in response!

In my opinion, one of the biggest hassles in the computer world is all of the different file formats for everything. Something we always have to consider when taking files with us from our computer on our mobile device is “does my mobile device support this format”? As it goes, mobile devices usually don’t support nearly the amount of formats our desktop computers do, so to accomplish compatibility, we often have to do file conversions. Depending on the original format and your target format, conversion can be as easy as re-saving something off or much more complicated. And sometimes our computers can’t even convert the files without the help of third party software, that yes, you must install. Fortunately there are other options. A while back I found an online file converter at that I’ve been extremely pleased with. It supports a wide variety of formats, including the ever elusive flv one (Yes, you can convert YouTUBE videos), and works quite nicely. Although you do have to input your Email address so they can email you the link to your converted document when it is finished, I’ve never had any problems with SPAM or such. For me, Zamzar has been a valuable tool in combating format incompatibilities, and I highly recommend it.

Tell us what you think!

Today I’m pleased to announce that I am able to release Version 1 of my OpenMoko Theme Project based on the look of the Open Source OpenMoko Project. As some of you may know by reading this post here at TamsPalm or by following my threads at both 1src and Brighthand, I’ve been working on this project for over three months. There may well be bugs/glitches, as this is my first project of this magnitude, but I can assure you all the skins/themes are working perfectly on my Palm TX. Included in this package are skins for:

  • AppIcon
  • AppShelf
  • IconPlus
  • MySkin/Kbd
  • PalmRevolt
  • PictureLogin

Present OpenMoko Theme Project for Palm OS   Released!

This theme is 100% free to use, distribute and modify. Looking back this was a huge project which entailed a great deal of work, but in the end was a labor of love. If you enjoy using this theme package and wish to make a small donation to offset its development costs, please refer to the ReadMe! document contained within the ZIP archive for more information. You can download the package either at 1src’s Freeware Section or via this direct link!

Thank you.


Best Regards,

Brent Chiodo


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