Yes you read it correct sirs and madams. Chaos will prevail at the 2012 London Olympics.

According to the Telegraph

A deal struck between the London 2012 Organizing Committee (LOCOG), BT and O2 currently means that some 40,000 executives and guests in its corporate entertainment areas will only be able to use mobiles with an O2 contract – forcing them to adopt a new mobile number, or face a communications blackout.

Such attendees can, as the news says, use Vodafone, Three, Orange and T-Mobile networks in the shared public areas of the Olympic Park. They can now use any other networks other than O2 in their respective shared public areas of the Olympic Park.

Who knew LOCOG and O2 gang can stoop so low. While making money is a good thing, forcing people to port their mobile phone numbers to O2 or adopt a similar mechanism is totally outrageous.

It could turn into a "communications nightmare", said a source. "There will be thousands of chief executives and business people unable to use their normal phone numbers because LOCOG isn’t dealing with the situation.

"They think the operators can just turn their receivers round but it doesn’t work like that. They need to be allowed in the buildings."

Nothing to add here except that this buffoonery only makes the taxpayer more pissed off, as their tax money is being used up by dacoit gangs like LOCOG and O2 to bring a bad name to their nation.

Ages have passed since yours truly last decided to complain about the idiocy in the mobile world with a comic – but Research In Motion’s stock price falling below its asset value (!!!) is too much to take.

Sometimes, I literally wonder if there is some kind of group think which makes analysts bash on targets like a flock of sheep – if RIM would announce free admission to paradise tomorrow, it would probably be disliked by the daily press:
rim COMIC: RIM vs analyst idiocy

Do you consider RIM doomed?

Beware, if you are planning to manufacture a tablet that is quadrilateral (read as rectangular) in shape, has buttons or touchscreen of a good finesse, then you might find Apple lawyers knocking at your doors.

The same happened with a small company called NT-K. It is a Spanish company making elegant, four smooth edged, touch tablets. Well Apple thinks this is a violation of their intellectual property and their ingenious designs.

Apparently, I fail to understand why an ergonomically sane company would make a device with  sharp corners. This could well harm the owner. But if we believe Apple, then the universal right to make such gadgets that don’t harm the owners reside with it. Hell what, even if your touch  is as good as their, and your UI as slick as theirs, you are a criminal to be damned for all eternity.

Well let us get back to the topic, According to FOSS Patents,

Apple accused nt-k in November 2010 of "copying" the iPad and went straight for a customs ban. As a result, Spanish customs seized shipments from China containing nt-k’s Android-based tablet. The little company temporarily appeared on an EU-wide list of product pirates, but worst of all, after some correspondence between the two companies, Apple also brought criminal charges on December 9, 2010 (as it had previously threatened in writing).

The Spanish company’s blog suggests that other small companies got a similar treatment from Apple but gave in. nt-k, however, didn’t want to be bullied and decided to defend itself vigorously. Another company doing so against Apple is a small German device maker named JAY-tech.

This makes very clear that Apple uses it’s might,  not to create fair competition, but to subdue the smaller fish with sheer force.

What makes Apple’s lawyers insanely retard is

…In the meantime, the criminal lawsuit progressed, and based on the first-instance ruling, Apple’s charges were dismissed because the judge didn’t conclude that there was "sufficient justification" for a criminal case.

Even a blind imbecile knows when criminal charges are put on people, let alone corporations.

Well, NT-K, after kicking Apple lawyers right in the hemorrhoids, is now demanding compensation. It is asking for compensation for monetary damages, losses that NT-K has suffered, and the “moral damages” Apple has inflicted upon them and the whole small time OEMs.

We are hoping that other firms will take a cue from NT-K and will solidify their stance against Apple.

Carriers change their policies all the time. But when the largest US carrier changes its policy, it IMHO is worthy of a PSA here.

In particular, the boys in red want to be able to share your personal data with advertisers in an anonymized form. The Boy Genius was given the following statement:

Protecting data and safeguarding privacy are high priorities at Verizon. Verizon Wireless recently introduced a new program that involves the creation of new types of aggregate business and marketing reports. For the business and marketing reports offered by Verizon Wireless, records about websites visited, cell phone locations and other consumer data will be combined (or aggregated) to compile reports that provide businesses with insights about their customers. In addition, Verizon Wireless and Verizon Telecom also introduced new ways to advertise to mobile users and wireline broadband customers.

For example, these insights may include the demographics (age ranges, gender, etc.) and interests (such as “pet lovers” or “tennis enthusiasts”) of visitors to a Web site, or commuters who might pass an outdoor billboard. These aggregate reports could be used by web publishers to help provide content that is more appealing to users, or to help advertisers better select the ads they will display on outdoor billboards or at other venues.

Use the URL below to prohibit the sharing – after all, the carrier doesn’t want to give its customers the right to “special termination”:

The concept of “phone on TV” is not new – Hucthison has been offering it to its clients for years; running a dedicated infrastructore of encoding servers to convert the terrestrial TV into data streams.

Japan now plans a TV service dedicated only to smartphones; however, a special tuner will be required. PCWorld reports the following:

A television broadcast viewable only on smartphones and tablets with special tuners will go live across Japan next year, according to a venture funded by the country’s largest television stations and mobile operator.

New broadcaster nottv said at Ceatec, the Japanese electronics show running this week, that it will use bandwidth frequencies left over when the country ended its analog broadcasts earlier this year.

Because it will function as an over-the-air broadcaster, its quality will not suffer as the number of viewers increase, and it will be able to deliver digital content, including games and newspapers, simultaneously to a mass audience.

“Television is currently designed for viewing at home, with everyone sitting around a TV. We want to be more personal and interactive,” said Hiroaki Ban, a manager in the corporate strategy division of mmbi, the company that will operate nottv.

As of this writing, not much more is known except for a planned launch around April 2012 – stay tuned!

Traditionally, the BlackBerry was considered the number one platform for making money. It might not be hip, but is said to bring in the loot.

A market research firm has now announced a report with some interesting data. The full release is below, with key passages highlighted by yours truly.

Google’s Android Market is the most used app store amongst commercial developers with 47% of commercial developers having some experience with the store compared to 43% who have used Apple’s App Store, according Evans Data’s new Application Distribution survey of over 400 commercial developers, conducted in August. In addition, Android Market edged out Apple’s App Store as the store more developers thought would be dominant in two years. However, developers selling apps through BlackBerry App World made significantly more money than developers using either Google’s or Apple’s stores.

“The industry has a perception that developers are going to target either Android or Apple, and those two will define the market,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. “However, there’s room for more than two. BlackBerry developers are not as plentiful but 13% make over $100,000 from the App World apps, which is considerably more than Android or Apple developers, and will help that platform continue to be compelling to developers, especially in the enterprise.”

Other highlights from this comprehensive survey, conducted in August 2011, include:

—Visibility for their apps is the biggest complaint that developers have about app stores in general with 37% citing this as the biggest problem.

Paid apps with no ads is the monetization model more developers use followed by subscriptions.

—Games are the most likely type of apps to wind up in app stores, with 27% placing that type of app in a store, followed by business apps at 21% and productivity apps at 20%.

The Evans Data Application Distribution survey examines the views and usage patterns on commercial developers and focuses on monetization models, distribution channels, app store features and policies, end user support, and also shows ratings of detailed feature sets by users of various stores of those stores.

Those interested in buying the report can do so here:

In Austria, we say that those who have the harm don’t have to worry about the jokes. HP liquidated its webOS platform in a never-before-seen firesale…

The UK Magazine MobileToday has now run the following, truly sweet comic:
hp firesale comic HP Firesale   in comic form

Not much to add here – except that subscribing to MobileToday is worth it if just for the comic alone…

This was intended as an internal broadcast – but it makes good food for tought for the general public, too

Something is borked up with the case below – the retainer is all over the place. What a rotten case:
job of case On the job of a cell phone case

In fact, dear readers, this case is a-ok. It has just taken the brunt of an Austrian rioter who miscalculated a turn and rammed his riot-o-mobile (more fashionable name for bike) straight into a detachment of press photographers, yours truly included. As the rear end of yours truly hit the floor, so did the Palm Treo 680 then found in my pouch. In fact, I partially landed on the Treo (in its case)…and the device survived.

A case is intended to protect your device from catastrophic incidents like the one above! 30€ at Proporta’s, and the 300€ Treo was ready for the next riot. The case didn’t fail; it did an excellent job.

P.S. If a case has been strongly deformed once, resist the temptation to bend it in shape. It won’t be able to “take up” as much force as it could take up the first time…

When we told you that HP will be resting the WebOS to peace, we never even imagined how the employees would backfire.

Well, a video circulating on Youtube certainly lends our imagination some ground. And if PreCentral is to be believed, a disgruntled employee uploaded a video to HP’s website where the TouchPad overview videos sed to sit.

What the lady says before peanuts is “Thoda Sa” which means “A little only”, intending all the pun that is to be there in this ironic situation.

Though this video is funny, but it does show the dark side. All those  brilliant minds who strived day and night tirelessly to create the hardware will be handed the pink slip soon. Now that is sad.

Good news webOS devs. HP is holding webOS Worldwide Developer Events this fall.

The events will be at Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Madrid, Milan and Mexico City.

You will not only gain knowledge from the veterans and the more experienced developers, but you will also get to share your ideas and have Q&A sessions to have a better understanding on the platform.

Details can found below for the same. The best part is that there is no fee for participation ;) .

Register Now for HP webOS Worldwide Developer Events

Who:       Developers, designers and mobile expressionists

What:      webOS Workshop and webOS CONNECT events

Where:    Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Madrid, Milan and Mexico City

When:     September – October, 2011

Why:      – Accelerate you webOS development

- Direct access to webOS engineers, designers and business development experts

- Experience product demos and hands-on access to HP devices

- Learn how to incorporate unique webOS features into your mobile applications

- Bring your imagination and skills to life with the webOS 3.0 Enyo framework, innovative tools and an elegant user                                  interface using HP’s world-class web-based platform

- Connect with one of the most passionate and creative developer communities anywhere

- Be our guest. It’s free to attend.

Register Now

So what are you waiting for? Just hit the Register Today button and enroll yourself for symposiums on webOS enlightenment.

Happy developing…!!!

mobile world congress Mobile World Congress stays in BarcelonaNot much has been hard about the MWC’s future location in the last few months – there were four cities still in the race, one of which being the ever-more deteriorating venue in Barcelona.

The GSMA has now awarded the contest to Barcelona once again:

After an 18-month search, the GSMA today announced that Barcelona has been selected as the Mobile World Capital from 2012 to 2018.

However, the existing – and annoying – Fira de Montijuc will be history come 2013:

Starting in 2013, the Mobile World Congress will be held at the new, cutting-edge venue, Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. The dates for the 2013 Mobile World Congress are 25-28 February 2013. Mobile World Congress 2012 will remain at Fira de Barcelona Montjuic and will be held 27 February – 1 March 2012.

Let’s see how it all plays out…

Nokia’s death would open up a lot of place all over the phone market – some manufacturers (e.g. Samsung) have even deployed their own platforms as Nokia “killers”. After the cooperation with Microsoft, many have considered Nokia dead – but is this really so?

The folks from InnerActive have now sent us the chart below, which shows a clear growth trend for Nokia’s platforms (dumbphone and smartphone combined):
is nokia dead Is Nokia dead?

Not much to add here…

AlphaSmart’s dana handhelds have been around for some time, but never got much attention from developers.

A member of a private Palm developer group now shared the following, fun tale:

On a similar subject a few years ago Alphasmart tried to sell me the SDK for their DANA, which (SDK) used to be public before they apparently took it back and coverted it to private.

Looks like the folks should have called themselves AlphaDumb…

 WHYMCA 2011   Qt on Android   slidesThis one is a little help for all those of you who slept through, were eating or were knocked out by a low-flying piece of chocolate during my WhyMCA talk on Qt for Android.

You can download the slides in PowerPoint 2003 format here:

P.S. I hope that a video of the talk will be made available at a later point in time…

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