The Treo 650 is now four years old – if you use your device every day the default casing may get scratches e.g. at the back. Even if your Treo looks brand new you might be interested in this:
Changing the default silver case to a better looking, more modern black one!
After the transformation your 650 will look like this:
100 2266 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

All you need is the Treo 650 replacement housing from Brando, a Torx T5 screwdriver, time, and a few skills for disassembling the device (don’t worry – it isn’t that hard).
The replacement housing consists of several parts like the front/back cover, a new keyboard keypad (US-Layout), a new antenna etc.
100 2228 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

At first shutdown the Treo’s phone, remove the battery, the SD card, the stylus and the SIM card.
Disassembling the Treo is easy: unscrew the screws on the back (don’t forget the two screws under the antenna – you have to remove the rubber pieces before)
100 2231 ed 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

Then remove the antenna and open the case carefully. Now you should have something like this:
100 2233 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

Take the original (back-) case and move evertything to the replacement case (only if it isn’t there already) – that shouldn’t be that difficult.
100 2234 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!
(left: old case; right: new case)

Next we prepare the front cover:
Disassemble it carefully and remove the screws which press the electric board onto the orignial keys in the original case. Then apply the new keyboard into the new housing. Attention: If you have a non-US-layout you can use your old keypads as well (so did I as I’m having a german keyboard layout)! Make sure that all keys fit well into their holes. In the next step you can apply the board from the old case onto the new one.
100 2237 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!
(you can see the electric board attached on the right part (the white thingy under the screen))

Now put the device back together. Before you close the case completely check the keyboard and all other buttons again. It might be that some keys moved or can’t be pressed down completely. If everything is correct install the antenna, close the case and fasten the screws.
Insert the SD card, the stylus, and put the battery back in. Don’t forget to exchange your SIM cards – but be careful: the replacement SIM car holder sat very, very firmly in my Treo so that I couldn’t remove it with out opening the device again. So I decided not to exchange my SIM card holder.
After all your Treo should look like this:
100 2243 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit! 100 2245 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit! 100 2246 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

Before you are finished you should test if your Treo behaves normal:
Power it up, turn on the phone (to test the antenna) and open a memopad and test the keyboard if all keys are working. To test the speaker and the microphone you can phone somebody or you can record a voicememo and play it over the speaker. And finally don’t forget the camera!
If everything is OK you have got a brand new, very good looking Treo 650!

To mod your Treo you need the Treo 650 replacement housing. It is available at Brando for 42$.

The Brando Treo 650 replacement housing at

Like I promised before, I bought a copy of Dimitry Grinbergs “PowerDrive” two days ago.

Powerdrive allows (among other things) usage of any CF Card instead of the internal Microdrive.

The first part is fairly simple: Put PowerDrive on a SD Card and start the application. PowerDrive will then patch the OS on the Microdrive and will then copy the operating system to the SD card.

Now we come to the tricky part: PowerDrive will power down the Microdrive and you have to exchange it with the CF Card – while the LifeDrive ist switched on! (Don’t use any metal tools to pry the Microdrive loose…). After that is done, PowerDrive will repatition the CF Card and write the OS ono it. At this point you are given the option to change the size of the memory-portion used as “RAM” – everything between 16KB and 4GB is safe.

tn P1060390 Teaching an old LifeDrive new tricks

Twice the memory of an ordinary LD (Hands still shaking)

tn P1060391 Teaching an old LifeDrive new tricks

128 MB internal memory – big enough for me

I can’t show you the size of the internal drive since PalmOS refuses to display the size of drives > 4GB properly. But since I filled my LD with 7,5GB of pictures, videos and mp3s it really works as advertised.

Next thing to talk about is speed: According to VFSMark my CF Card is more then three times faster than the old Microdrive! This won’t make the LD as snappy as a TX – there’s still some lag when you start a big application – but you can hardly notice it (TCPMP needs less than 1 second to load its 2.1MB into the real Ram). The remaining lag might be the result of the LD still powering down the drive. That’s a great way to conserve energy when you still use the Microdrive – with a CF Card installed, this should be obsolete. Maybe Dmitry can fix this in a future version.

What’s left is a long-term test of the power consumption after the surgery. Since CF Cards draw a lot less power than a Microdrive, I expect a huge increase in running time.

My conclusion so far: 16 bucks (about 10 Euros, if you live in Europe) that are worth every single penny. Just imagine the money you save on cheap CF Cards (you can get the 32GB Card from Adata for around $150).

After my tests with the small Card are done, I’ll switch to a 32GB Adata

Today I’m pleased to announce that I am able to release Version 1 of my OpenMoko Theme Project based on the look of the Open Source OpenMoko Project. As some of you may know by reading this post here at TamsPalm or by following my threads at both 1src and Brighthand, I’ve been working on this project for over three months. There may well be bugs/glitches, as this is my first project of this magnitude, but I can assure you all the skins/themes are working perfectly on my Palm TX. Included in this package are skins for:

  • AppIcon
  • AppShelf
  • IconPlus
  • MySkin/Kbd
  • PalmRevolt
  • PictureLogin

Present OpenMoko Theme Project for Palm OS   Released!

This theme is 100% free to use, distribute and modify. Looking back this was a huge project which entailed a great deal of work, but in the end was a labor of love. If you enjoy using this theme package and wish to make a small donation to offset its development costs, please refer to the ReadMe! document contained within the ZIP archive for more information. You can download the package either at 1src’s Freeware Section or via this direct link!

Thank you.


Best Regards,

Brent Chiodo


Foreward — This is just a guide containing a few hardware mods I’ve seen done over time. I’ve talked with the folks who’ve originally done these mods for more info than their original posts, so hopefully I don’t cause too much chaos ;-)

This one focuses on the modifications that can be done to the official Palm hardcase available for the T|X, T|E, T|E2 and the T|T5.

– The Magnet Mod –

My quest for the perfect hard case started in May. I was dissatisfied with the state of my T|X’s hard case, and was looking for an alternative. My main problem was that the chintzy little clasp that held the case shut had snapped loose and would not keep my T|X safe. After a bit of discussion, we decided that replacing the clasp with magnets was a viable alternative.

The first step is to drill out the holes. Since I never really figured I’d be doing this sort of post 7 months later, I have no “in progress” shots, sorry :-) .

Make sure you choose magnets before you drill the holes so that you don’t end up with a big gaping hole in your case. The best thing I have learned is that if you make the hole a tad bit smaller than your magnets, then slowly file it out with anything fairly sharp (Hell, a small flat-head screwdriver works) you will have a nice snug fit that will never require reglueing.

After you drill the holes (I did four, two on each half of the case) you can drop the magnets in. The best ting to do is use a pair of tweasers and coat the magnet with gorilla glue then you simply wedge the magnets in the holes and you are done!

IMG 1199 Ultimate T|X Hardware Hacking Guide    Part I    Case Mods

– Anti Rattle Mod–

“So, uh, Ryan, why do you have pieces of dish towels glued to your case?”

Good question! (I’m sorry, I know that’s bad :-) ) The case is designed just kludgingly enough so that there is a very smaller, probably less than 1mm gap between the T|X and the case lid, just enough to have it rattle around and scuff up the front of the the T|X. Jays333 originally gave me the idea to do this in the above 1src thread, however I didn’t have any of that foam lying around, so I simply cut up a dish towel.

Jays333 did a nice job on his however:

aIMG 0038 Ultimate T|X Hardware Hacking Guide    Part I    Case Mods

This effectively cancels out any rattling that may occur, keeping your T|X unscathed for years to come.

– Headphone Mod –

So, what else can be done to our T|X cases? Well, I have done a few other things to the case in the time I’ve owned it. When I performed the Magnet Mod I also decided to cut away a hole for the headphones so that the case would latch shut when I was listening to music, rather than mashing up my headphone jack.

IMG 1433 Ultimate T|X Hardware Hacking Guide    Part I    Case Mods

The first step is to mark where you want to get the cuts. You can plug in the headphones and put the device in the case so that the headphones are where the cuts will be (at which point, you know where the cuts need to be, or you can wing it with a sharpie cap, like Chris Tengi did.

576485821 60504ef50f b Ultimate T|X Hardware Hacking Guide    Part I    Case Mods

That’s all of the mods I could come up with in regards to the Palm Hardcase. Next time we will take a look at alternatives to the Palm Cradle: the design, construction and customisation of our own Cradle kit!

Also, if you try any of these mods please note that I cannot be held responsible if your case is permanently damaged! Perform these mods at your own risk! 

A while back a saw a screenshot of the OpenMoko platform, and was greatly impressed by its look an feel. So about a week or two ago, I started trying to make my TX look like this. Now this is a very young project, and it isn’t even closed to being finished, but I wanted to show you all some of the first screenshots, and to hear your opinions on how it looks/if you like it. So here goes:

hrcapt20071117162647prj3 My New Theme Project   OpenMoko

hrcapt20071117162901pmt1 My New Theme Project   OpenMoko

hrcapt20071117162727lup1 My New Theme Project   OpenMoko

When I finish this, I will (most likely) make it available to download. The set will include:

  • PalmRevolt Skin
  • IconPlus Icon Pack
  • DIA skin
  • Launcher Backgounds
  • Maybe More/Undecided

You can follow the development of this theme at this thread at

Tell me what you think! :)

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