With everything that gets old, there is a cult following which cherishes not only the old thing, but the memories associated during that period when that thing was at their disposal. Just ask a Palm fan and he will have at least 3 hours of non-stop commentary on PalmOS (with that obvious gleam in his eyes).

HP had decided to drop the files in the ROM necessary to run PalmOS on the WebOS 2.0. Reason simply being that Palm was old and outdated, it had to be disposed off. This didn’t go well with the “classic” fans, and homebrew gang felt it was time to do something about it. They couldn’t just let “it” go like this.

Precentral.net reports the following:

So has it been with Classic. Beginning in late November, forum member/webOS developer ArthurThornton began a discussion about getting Classic running on webOS 2, and then 2.1. Early this morning, he posted a detailed set of steps, including the files needed (and webOS Doctor versions from which they come), to get Classic working again; Arthur verified it on his newly-OTA-updated Pre 2, and other users are beginning to test as well (as will we).

thumb tall pre 2 classic WebOS 2.1 gets vintage PalmOS emulator, Homebrew folks hailed as heroes

This is the day of the classic palm lovers. Well since you know this now, you would like to know how to do it, so head over to Precentral.net and have a look for yourselves…!!

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A Palm insider has given us access to information that definitely and finally confirms the existance of two Palm devices currently codenamed Zeppelin and Skywriter.

The document that we are looking at covers a developer program that allows Palm’s favorite developers to make their applications ready for the two new devices AND maybe even comarket them with Palm. All applications must be submitted by May the 30th – this could point at a launch of the device(s) in Q3 2008.

Last but not least, a mock-up of the devices has been included and can be viewed at our sister site TamsPPC along with a copy of the original text!

intro Resco Photo Viewer updated
Jan Slodicka from Resco’s has just informed me that his excellent Photo Viewer has seen an update!

Version 3 of the program improves the product’s fax support, makes cropping easier and is significantly faster when handling large folders. Owners of Treos with a green “call” key also get a new feature – they can now use this key in order to open the context menu.

People who have purchased the program in last year can get a new unlock key for free by following the procedures outlined on this web page. All other Resco Viewer owners must pay 50% of the regular price – more information on this option is to be found here.

You can find the details at PDA Performance’s website, but im posting a blurry screenshot for you to view. You can download the preview app from their website, and it will run on most newer Palm devices. The preview app simply shows the desktop with the CNN and Weather widgets running. Although there is not much that you can see, there is full multi-layer alpha blending on the widgets (think Konfabulator), and it is very cool to see.

Saguaro Sneak Peek

On the Access site, you can download an Garnet OS Emulator. The emulator is called Janeiro, which was announced by PalmSource already two years ago and emulates both ARM and 68k. Finally, it has now been published. But it doesn’t include Garnet and Cobalt ROMs, but a Linux kernel on which runs Garnet OS 5.5 (in the launcher it says Palm OS Garnet 5.50).

You can download a TAR GZ archive (20 MB) which includes a Linux and a Windows version. The emulator is slower than other Palm simulators (the simulator runs Palm OS native on your x86 computer, whereas Janeiro is a true ARM emulator). The interface is similar to Palm OS 5.2 or 5.4, but it has other fonts and uses the untypical display resolution of 240×320. I couldn’t install Palm applications (at least not by Drag & Drop), and it only contained the standard PIM applications, preferences and one test application.

 ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator

 ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator  ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator  ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator

Other tests and information will follow soon.

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