AstraWare’s Zap 2016 is considered the best side-scrolling shooter for the Palm OS by many people; however, signs of age are already starting to show (and its successor wins the award for Palm powered vapourware now that the WristPDA is here). The polish company iDreams has recently released SkyForce reloaded – a game that has the potential to mix up AstraWare’s leadership!

When you start a game, you get to choose a variety of options like language, difficulty and ship. In addition, you can recommence where you last died – a feature missed in other games:
lang SkyForce Reloaded review diff SkyForce Reloaded review stage SkyForce Reloaded review ships SkyForce Reloaded review

The levels of SkyForce reloaded are full of different enemies. The photos below show a few of them:
enheli SkyForce Reloaded review entank SkyForce Reloaded review funnytwr SkyForce Reloaded review regulartwr SkyForce Reloaded review tankwreck SkyForce Reloaded review

At the end of each level, one or more bosses await you. However, beware – you need to destroy a specific percentage of enemies to get to the next level. Evading the bosses is no option…
endstats SkyForce Reloaded review boss1 SkyForce Reloaded review boss2 SkyForce Reloaded review

Various power-ups are available to simplify your life – you can change your main weapon, add a little rocket launcher, increase the power of your shield, etc:
pwrlist SkyForce Reloaded review pwrshield SkyForce Reloaded review pwrsingle SkyForce Reloaded review pwrstar SkyForce Reloaded review pwrthreeshot SkyForce Reloaded review

SkyForce reloaded is one of the most fx-loaded games I ever saw. Here are a few samples of the explosion, smokes and other eye candy I got to see on my T3:
fx1 SkyForce Reloaded review fx2 SkyForce Reloaded review fx3 SkyForce Reloaded review

Fights can get pretty crowded:
fight SkyForce Reloaded review

The background scenery is modelled very realistically. In fat, there even are weather effects like rain and lightning!
scen1 SkyForce Reloaded review weatherbzz SkyForce Reloaded review weatherdark1 SkyForce Reloaded review weatherdark2 SkyForce Reloaded review

The sound effects and music are very nice and suit my taste. This is one of the games where I didn’t regret leaving the sound on…

This review covered SkyForce Reloaded on a Tungsten T3. The program is about 1.7 MB big

Overall, Zap 2016 has found a worthy successor in SkyForce reloaded. The graphics quality is insane, the sound could come from a DJ and the action is great fun. If you like Zap 2016 or just like side-scrolling shooters in general and have an OS5 machine, get this game by all means!

From the moment that I got my Treo 600, I wanted to play Nintendo GameBoy Color games on it. The OMAP CPU should be more than strong enough for the average gameboy game, and the 3 MEGs of RAM should also suffice. Getting the games running was a bit tricky – here is how I did it:

Step one – get the emulator
In order to play Gameboy games on a Treo, you need an emulator. I chose LJP because it keeps most of its data on VFS – get the PSI installer here, and install it onto your Treo. Afterwards, run the program and wait while it installs all neccessary data to your SD card.

Step two – get the ROM’s
This is the difficult part – you need to download the contents of gameboy modules(called ROM’s) from somewhere(sometimes called a ROM world). Nintendo is very territorial about them, so don’t ask me where to get them from.

Step three – get the ROM’s onto the Treo
Stuff the Treo’s SD card into a card reader and copy the .gb or .gbc files into the following folder:

Step four – launch LJP
After having stuffed the card back into the Treo, launch LJP. Switch to Gameboy mode(dropdown at the left, choose GB), set up the controls(Config button), choose the ROM and click Launch. Your Treo now becomes a Gameboy – enjoy!

In case you don’t believe me, look at the following Videos(at Google Video):
Tetris DX on Treo 600
1942 on Treo 600

This problem is as old as the Palm PDA-small kids love handhelds, but their owners don’t want kids to get them… . Usually, parents get angry if you protect your property – Gotcha puts you back in charge!

The basic objective of Gotcha is simple – drag the handheld across the screen with the stylus to keep it away from the kid:
kid Gotcha   a game for people who hate small children getting hold of their PDA
Sounds simple – until the kid starts to teleport across the screen:
w1 Gotcha   a game for people who hate small children getting hold of their PDA w2 Gotcha   a game for people who hate small children getting hold of their PDA
A Gotcha game ends when the kid touches the handheld:
end Gotcha   a game for people who hate small children getting hold of their PDA
Gotcha includes a highscore module:
hsc Gotcha   a game for people who hate small children getting hold of their PDA
This review covered 1.0 of the program. Gotcha has no web site, so we archived the 60k freeware on

Overall, Gotcha is a fun way to kill time on the go – if you can live with the theme, get it by all means!

100 Ways to Barbecue or Jack BBQ is a great game for people of all ages. The game is optimized for all screen resolutions and has a musical soundtrack powered by MODULA Audio Engine. The graphics are surprisingly rich enough to keep any gamer engrossed in it.
 Jack BBQ or 100 Ways to Barbecue review
You’ll find that as you go from room to room, you’re not the only character. There’s a spinning skull that moves. If you bump into one of these, your health will suffer. This is just one example of the 15 characters that await you.
 Jack BBQ or 100 Ways to Barbecue review

As you (Jack) find your way through, there are challenges that await you. There will be spinning disks and flames in darkened rooms. You’ll pick up keys, health capsules, torches and a host of others to aid you along the way.
 Jack BBQ or 100 Ways to Barbecue review

Jack BBQ or 100 Ways to Barbecue is a fantastic game that will entertain and enthrall PDA users of all ages. It has auto-saving functionality as well. Go ahead and download it and be ready for the adventure!

Many of you will know the problem-a very effective form of packaging matereal(those ‘bubble sheets’) gets damaged veey fast by a few critters who love the sound of blowing up the bubbles.

RNS recently released a game called Bombel that ‘virtualzes’ the process-it simply puts a ‘sheet’ of the paper onto your screen:
bombel Bombel an unusual way to protect your packaging matereals bombel0000 Bombel an unusual way to protect your packaging matereals
Clicking on a bubble busts it, the handheld emits a ‘blopping’ sound that is extremely realistic. This 3gp video(silent voice, made on the balcony at night) shows what you can expect.

The fine folks at RNS added in a little stats module as well:
bombel0001 Bombel an unusual way to protect your packaging matereals

Bombel is about 70k big and runs from main and VFS memory without problems. A Fossil WristPDA had no problems running Bombel btw. The figures look worse on the monochrome screen, but the app works well nevertheless.

This review discussed version 2.0(archived on of Bombel on a Tungsten T3 and a WristPDA. The programs homepage is:

Overall, what should I say. A perfectly useless product – until someone you like starts busting your loot of packaging matereals. Then, beeing able to pull this program out can easily save a relationship….

With the world cup closing in fast, people who hate football have a pretty hard time-installing a few games onto your Palm OS handheld can help you combat the boredom of 120 minutes of soccer TV! BlockBuster’s basic concept is known to PocketPC users-Microsoft calls their version Jawbreaker and bundles it with each of their PDA’s. The basic concept is simple-you need to ‘clear the screen’-but you can only remove the stars in blocks of at least two equal ones.

And indeed, Blockbuster basically is JawBreaker for Palm OS-however, it is divided into different levels that get harder and harder over time:
lvl1 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review lvl2 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review
This Palm OS game adds special powerups that have funky effects-the colored balloons remove all stars that have their color, the stars-and-stripes ones blow away everything around them:
greenbubble1 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review greenbubble2 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review
usbubble1 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review usbubble2 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review
BlockBuster games end if you left over too many stars-the fuller the bar at the bottom gets, the deader you are:
die0 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review die1 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review
die2 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review die3 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review
The sounds are decent, but there is no background music. One can’t say anything about the graphics either-they do a good job communicating the game’s state and look pretty nice. In case you dislike the stars and stripes theme btw, there also is a regular version!

The only real annoyance with this game is the menu system. It reacts way to slow for my taste, and generally is annoying:
menu1 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review
menu2 Absolutists BlockBuster for Palm OS review
We tested this game on a Palm Tungsten T3, and experienced no problems. However, our WristPDA couldn’t run the 1 megabyte program because of Palm OS 4…

Overall, this is a good game if you like logical ‘puzzle’ games. It is a no-fluff thing, and one can play it for short bursts of time. However, the price of 17$ at PalmGear’s is a bit high imho!

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Sudoku is one of the most popular games at the moment. You can find Sudoku puzzles in newspapers, in the internet – and with Astraware Sudoku you can find it on your Palm.

The idea of the game is quite simple: you have to fill in the numbers from 1 to 9 into the empty fields. Every number is allowed to appear only once per line, column and square of 3×3 fields.

sudoku1 Astraware Sudoku Review

So you have to test which number may match for a certain field. At the beginning there might be several possibilities, but only one of them is really the right one. Astraware Sudoku helps you with that: you can note down the possible numbers by tapping on the buttons on the lower side of the screen. By doing that, you don’t really fill in a number, it’s just a note for yourself. If you’re shure you found the right number, you use the buttons on the right to definitely fill in that numer into the field.

sudoku2 Astraware Sudoku Review

Astraware Sudoku can make the game easier for you: The possible numbers can be filled in automatically. If you want, the right numbers are filled in by the computer. This may help you when you’re new to this game or if you cannot find the right solution. And there’s a secound view where one can paint on the screen to make individiual notes.

sudoku3 Astraware Sudoku Review

The game offers 6 difficulty levels. Registrated users can download a “puzzle of the day” for free. So one doesn’t have to solve the same puzzles on and on…

When I first thought about Sudoku, I was sceptical if I would like this kind of game. But when I started to play, I found out that it can make a lot of fun. What I like most about this game: you don’t need luck, you just need your brain ;-)

If you like to test Astraware Sukoku, you can download a trial version from Astraware’s homepage. The price for the game is $19,95.

screenshot0005T AcidSolitaire 4.03

Red Mercury has recently released a new update for their very popular AcidSolitaire game. The game is probably the most popular solitaire game for Palm OS.

On the positive side of things, the game is very well made and boasts beautiful graphics and game play. You can set the background to be any image you want, and you can customize how the cards look. In other words, it allows you to kill time just the way you want.

The stats feature is another great feature to the game. It lets you see how much time your games take, what your record is, and your current win/loss streak. I typically have a pretty impressive loss streak accumulating.

The new version updates compatibility for all new Palms. They also included “hints” which help you out if you’re not sure what to do. They have also extended the undo/redo function to be unlimited so when you lose you’ll have absolutely no regrets…or excuses.
screenshot0002T AcidSolitaire 4.03

The above picture shows my only gripe about the game. I really despise the “No Moves Left” text that flashes on the bottom of your screen when the program determines you can’t make another move. It seems to ruin the fun! I would rather determine I am an official loser using my own brainpower. However, you can remedy this by de-selecting the “lose detection” in the options.

Overall, this is an extremely well made program. The graphics and UI are well done and very playable. The game’s cost is a little steep at $15, but the quality is incomparable.


Pong is a classic game. Its first incarnations ran on storage-scopes connected to analog computers; and Atari’s TV version was the first popular PC game. But let’s ignore history for now-IrPong needs to be reviewed!

After startup, IrPong presents you the following screen. The bluetooth button is displayed only if you power up the bluetooth interface before starting the game!
 IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2

Single-player mode is rather unimpressive, the game behaves like BreakOut and gets incredibly hard very fast(the Prison makes a good free PalmOS breakout clone):
 IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2  IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2
 IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2  IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2

Once two handhelds are connected via infrared or bluetooth, the fun starts. Each of the players takes one paddle, and needs to kick the ball off the field at his opponent’s side:
 IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2  IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2

The bar at the top right is the ‘firepower’ indicator. Once full, you can launch a bullet at your opponent. Hit his panel, and he’s gone. Hit a brick, and its gone.
 IrPong 2 Multiplayer Pong for 2

The obstacles available on some of the boards(use prefs for selection) add an extra bit of fun to the game; however, they sometimes fail to disappear on the ‘client’.

You control IrPong with the Up and application keys, the 5way doesn’t work. We tested IrPong on a Tungsten T3, IIIc, OS4 V and a Tungsten E2, the game worked well on all of them.

This review covered version 2.2, we uploaded it on for archival purposes. In addition, the web site of the programmer is here.

Overall, IrPong is a good multiplayer game. It is free, just 40KB big and well tested. The disappearing bugs can get annoying sometimes, but the game is playable nevertheless. Pong is an evergreen that everybody loves…all we can say is have fun.

From MobileStream, the ones who brought us the Landscape and Portrait rotation apps, comes a great deal! Now, if you buy their Meteor “Breakout” game from Palmgear from now until May 1st, you can get any other Mobile Stream app for free. I have played Meteor, and I can tell you it is probably the highest quality “Breakout” type game available for PalmOS. PDAMill also has one, but it only comes as part of their GameBox Classics pack. Anyways, I just bought the game, and am going to request a copy of CardReader to go along with it. Remember, you need to buy it off of PalmGear to be eligible for the free app. There are further instructions on the PalmGear page. Take a look!

Meteor on Palmgear

Here is a list of the programs available from Mobile Stream:

  • Jackpot Casino
  • Mobile Jigsaw
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Rotation
  • Card Reader
  • Treo USB Modem
  • FullPower

Some games simply cannot die-once they achieved this status, one usually calls them evergreens… . Today’s reviewing candidate is a freeware clone of Breakout-and it really is a good one.

First of all, some of you may still know the prison from old days, and indeed, this game is on the market for a very long time. The graphics still are lowres, but since bricks consist mostly of straight lines, this will not disturb you. Here are a few screenshots that show the variety of levels:
 The Prison review  The Prison review
 The Prison review  The Prison review
The Prison’s real strength is the variety of objects contained in the playfield. Teleporters beam your ball around, bombs explode distroying all tiles around them, bonus bricks release bonusses and etc etc. Here is a list of tiles:
 The Prison review  The Prison review
The tiles also contain a nice bit of fx:
 The Prison review  The Prison review
Some bricks release power-ups that add extra features to your ball:
 The Prison review  The Prison review
 The Prison review
Sometimes, multiple balls populate the screen. This can lead to pretty stressful experiences:
 The Prison review
However, the Prison is not exactly breakout. To beat a ‘the Prison” level, you need to open up the blue area at the top and shoot all balls out. Distroying all bricks does nothing…
 The Prison review  The Prison review
 The Prison review  The Prison review
Controlling the Prison is simple-you either use the application buttons or the stylus to move the paddle. A level editor is available for Windows powered boxen too….

The size of just 60 KB is no problem for a recent handheld, and the game works well from a memory card too. The Prison ran on a T3 and a TE2 without problems. The WristPDA had no problems with it either, but the graphics looked a bit distorted(but still very playable).

Version 1.9.1 of the program was archived on in case it ever goes offline. The source code is available too.

The homepage of the program contains loads of extra boards:

Overall, what can I write. The Prison is a classic! The lack of hires graphics and sound fx may sound annoying, but oine doesnt really feel it after a few seconds. The game is incredibly addicting, so stay far away if you have something important to do. A must have!

Astraware’s Tradewinds is set in the 19th century in the far eastern Sea.

 Tradewinds   Review

You choose one of four characters and start with one ship and a handfull of money. Your goal is to collect enough money to reach the rank of “Tai Pan”. To earn money you have to trade with goods: buy them for a low price at one port and transport them to another port to sell them for a higher price. But the way across the sea is dangerous: Pirates are waiting for you! You can defend your fleet by equipping it with enough guns. If your situation in the fight is hopeless, you can try to flee. But then you can’t collect a bounty for defeating a dangerous pirate and his fleet.

 Tradewinds   Review

At every port you can find a marketplace. Here you can buy and sell goods. You can deposit your money at the bank and get interest for it. The port authority informs you about the most dangerous shipping routes and at the alehouse you can get tips from the sailors if you buy a round. When you have finished your activities at one port, you hit the “set sail” button and select a port to sail to. As I already told you, maybe pirates are crossing your way. Then you can decide: fight or try to flee. You should be carefull: when all of your ships have been sunk, the game is over! But damged ships can be fixed at some ports. And of course you can buy new ships.

 Tradewinds   Review  Tradewinds   Review

Tradewinds is not a game to be finished within 5 minutes. I played it for hours and hours until the battery was empty…and had a lot of fun. I really like this game and recommend it to everyone who likes strategic games (like “Age of Empires” and others).

Strategy games for the PalmOS are rather rare-Digital Eel’s Strange Adventures in infinite space is a pretty whacky, but well-done one.

The basic story is simple. An insane general wants to send you to an area of the space where little information is available. He provides you with a ship and sends you out on a simple mission: make me rich by gathering up stuff on planets, and return it to me when you’r done.
 Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review
At the start of each game, a new ‘galaxy’ is created. The planets with a moon rotating around it were visited already, the ones without a moon werent visited yet(look at the two images for a comparison):
 Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review  Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review
Whenever you visit a planet for the first time, an ‘action’ happens. You can find some inventary, a mercenary, a new item,… . Sometimes, you also find a thief or saboteur that damages your items-but that luckily doesnt happen too often.
 Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review  Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review  Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review
Sometimes, you run into a ship when travelling from Planet to Planet. Then, it depends on the race you meet if its trading or fighting time:
 Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review  Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review  Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review
The battles are ‘real time’, you get to choose which ships attack which other ones. The graphics of the battle scenes look pretty nice:
 Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review  Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review  Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review
In addition, there also is a dedicated combat mode available. In this one, you can select a gang of enemies and proceed to duking it out with them:
 Strange Adventures in Infinite Space(SAIS) review
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space has an excellent background music in some of the scenes is really nice, and the graphics look great too.

Overall, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is a funny game for all those who like strategy games. One can play it for just a few seconds, and one game rarely lasts more than five minutes. However, each game is different, and the nice graphics/sound effects will keep you coming back again and again. A great way to survive those annoying breaks…

Most people know Beiks for their dictionaries. Only a select few know that the company once attempted to develop beautiful OS5 games. ToxicBalls is a product I know very well, it made it onto the market, so here is the review:

The idea behind the game is very simple. One or two big ‘toxic’ bubbles are in each level. You need to shoot at them repeatedly to make them split up and eventually disappear. A life is lost when such a bubble touches you. The level is won when all the bubbles have disappeared.

The first thing that you will note is the quality of the graphics. The bubbles look like 3d-ish, and the prerendered backgrounds are beautiful too:
 Beiks ToxicBalls review  Beiks ToxicBalls review  Beiks ToxicBalls review
You have to beat 32 levels to finish the game. Each one of them looks different-a surprise expects you at each map change:
 Beiks ToxicBalls review  Beiks ToxicBalls review
 Beiks ToxicBalls review  Beiks ToxicBalls review
The limited secondary weapon can be upgraded by picking up one of the upgrade parcels. Some of these have insanely funky effects, while others simply add a shield or life:
 Beiks ToxicBalls review  Beiks ToxicBalls review
ToxicBalls has a fantastic soundtrack. The SFX are cool and the background music is electrifying.

Overall, this is a great, fast-paced game. Beautiful graphics and groovy tunes add to the addictivity of the evergreen concept. The levels are very short and load damn fast-you can definitely play ToxicBalls even if you have just a few seconds. A must-have if you like the concept…

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