Last week’s Golden Comment raffle saw our long-time sponsor Proporta give away a case to one lucky commenter – and the tally is now officially over.

This week, our winner is Chris from TamsPPC. He posted an insightful comment on Windows Phone 7, and will soon be contacted by Proporta.

For the rest of you, the game is easy: we will announce a new price in a few hours. Then, get commenting – with a bit of luck, you’ll be listed here next week!

Another week means another chance in the Tamoggemon Content Network’s Golden Comment raffle. Another chance to get something free, that is.

This week, our long-term sponsor Proporta has stepped up to offer a case to one lucky individual – if you are selected, you will be emailed and have to tell us which device you own.

As always, winning is easy. Just leave a comment somewhere on the Tamoggemon Content Network, and fill out that email field with a valid and useful address!

P.S. We will not spam you. And no, your address will not be sold…

As stated in the past, your comments and news tips are what keeps this blog network running smoothly. We have decided to run a giveaway to thank you all for your input.

This week, our competition is sponsored by the folks at MobileFun’s. MobileFun is an up and coming retailer of all kinds of mobile gadgets, and definitely is worth more than a look.

For this week, we are proud to give away to the winner two products – he is allowed to pick which one he wants. Our first prize is the Clingo Universal Game Wheel, which is a really cool accessory for all accelerometer-controlled games. Alternatively, the winner can also pick a Nano Bluetooth dongle for his PC or notebook.

Winning is really easy: all you have to do is post an useful comment anywhere on the Tamoggemon Content Network. Post it anywhere during the next week, and leave your email adress behind – you might just get lucky.

Finally, please allow me to ask for feedback. Is there any type of price you are especially interested in? Books, maybe? Or Chocolate? Let us know by posting a comment here – these do count for the giveaway!

Last Sunday, we announced the first round of our new reward program called “the golden comment”. The first instance was kindly supported by our partners at Krusell‘s, who will donate a case to the lucky winner.

With great pride, I announce that the first round of the competition goes to LookALike. We have sent him an email, and hope that he will enjoy his price.

Stay tuned – the next round comes up shortly!

Dear Readers,
exciting times lay ahead for the Tamoggemon Content Network. First of all, a full-time news editor will be watching over the news shortly in order to keep you all in the loop. In addition, we plan to make life on these sites more fun by giving you free stuff. Yes, you have read right – free stuff, for doing essentially nothing.

For this week, we will be giving away a surprise prize donated by our friends at Krusell’s. While we cannot disclose what you will get, rest assured that you will like it (assuming that you have a mobile phone supported by their cases).

Winning is easy! All you need to do is leave an useful comment or news tip at any of our web properties. At the end of the week, we will determine an individual who will celebrate with our little prize.

With best regards
Tam Hanna

P.S. We are still looking at things to give away. Tell us what you would like to win (books, cases, software, etc) – maybe we will be able to work something out for you…

Our Crazy Sunday promotion spread quite a few free licenses among all of you – but good concepts always can be improved further. My wife and I are thus proud to introduce you to the new Crazy Sunday – the rules have changed a bit in order to make getting your hands onto software easier.

As before, entering is free: all you need to do is leave a valuable comment on a post. Comments like “Hi” or “cool” don’t count – we want added value here. However, there is a second way not – purchase an app in the TamsShop to participate with equal chances!

In order to make purchases more interesting, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY. It gets you 20% off any software which has not been discounted before – and is valid while the promotion runs.

This week, our prize is a free license of NS Basic for Palm OS. NS Basic can best be described as Visual Basic for Palm OS, and makes creating Palm OS applications really really easy.

So: good luck, guys and gals! See you all here next week…same news service, same venue!

Welcome to week 8 of the (hopefully never-ending) Tamoggemon Content Network “Crazy Sunday” promotion! I am currently traveling, and thus don’t feel like typing a long description text – which I apparently just typed anyways.

This week, we are giving away one free license of HanDBase for Palm OS. HanDBase allows you to manage huge amounts of data on your handheld – it is a true must have for data mining nuts!

In order to get your grubby hands onto it, all you need to do is leave a useful and valuable comment on ANY post on this news service along with your email address in the email field. Doing so is free and anonymous, as your identity is protected by Austrian press laws unless you post sth political or advocate criminal acts.

Last week’s price was a copy of NS Basic for Palm OS. This Visual Basic-lookalike will hopefully find a good home at Allen Foster’s – who will furthermore win a little bit of free PR if he manages to release an useful app or game written in NS Basic within six months.

With that, I wish you all the best – see you here again next week!

In Austria, couples are afraid of the seventh year of their relation…which means that essentially every number can be construed to mean something negative. Fortunately, Crazy Sunday is here to stay!

This week, there is stuff to be had. In particular, you can get your claws onto a free license of NS Basic for Palm OS. NS Basic is the only Visual Basic compiler for Palm OS in existence – and should get existing VB coders coding within seconds.

Getting your hands onto the goods is really easy: leave a non-spam comment on ANY post on TamsPalm. DO fill in your email address so that we can contact you if you have won – it will not be abused in any way. Multiple entries are permitted!

New from this week is entry via the TamsForum. The TamsForum has been around for quite some time, but didn’t quite get off the ground so far – participating in the discussion there also enters you into the raffle.

Finally, it’s time to look at last week’s price. We had a wonderful license of SplashShopper for Palm OS – it went to user Baalthazaar. In case anyone of you feels like taking a stab, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off the product’s list price in the TamsShop.

P.S. If you have ideas about the TamsForum, leave them here. They will be counted towards the competition!

Finding a non-X-rated topic for this week’s Crazy Sunday giveaway was difficult at best – I hope that this one fits the taste of all of you. We’re in the sixth week now, and have given away a fair load of prizes all across the news network…so there should be no reason for unhappiness.

This week, you are invited to get your hands onto a copy of SplashShopper. SplashShopper allows you to virtualize your shopping list…forget forgetting to buy things!

User pc claimed a license of 2day. In case anyone of you wants to take a pop, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off its list price in the TamsShop.

With that, I wish you all the best – see you again here next week!

Palm’s V series is one of the major milestones in terms of handset design…which means that five can be considered a lucky number. So: all those afraid of the number four should jump right back into the competition – there are more prizes to be given away.

This week, a license of 2day can be claimed by leaving a valid comment. 2day is an excellent today panel from ShSh software, which brings Today features to your Palm. It can be expanded with various plugins like Daily Quote – just lovely and a must have!

User philpalm had no issues with Tetraphobia…and gets to take home a free license of SelectCam. In case anyone else feels like improving video quality, get the program in the TamsShop. The rebate code CRAZYSUNDAY gets you 20% off the list price.

With that, I wish you all the best of luck – see you here next week!

DJ Shadow went out after the third strike – our Crazy Sunday promo is a real diehard and enters week 4. Before looking at the prices, please allow me to reiterate the rules:

Post a useful non-spam comment to ANY post on the news service to participate. Leave a valid email address in the email field so that we can get in touch…and hope for the best. Email addresses are not used in any other way – and saying “Hi” or “count me in” doesn’t count.

This week, we are giving away a license of Douglas Reeder’s SelectCam for Treo and Centro handsets – the program is an improved replacement for the Treo’s integrated camcorder software and delivers – sometimes significantly – better results.

Last weeks prize was a license of SplashMoney – user Joel Haasnoot will be able to use it to keep his finances in check from now on. In case anyone else of you feels like taking a stab at the program, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20 off the retail price in the TamsShop!

With that said, I wish you all good luck – see you all next week!

Week 2 of our Crazy Sunday raffle is over: this means that one price must be given away, and another one must be announced. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, please allow me to thank you all for talking back!

Your comments are what keeps a news service like this one running. Tell us that you love us, or tell that you hate us (and why)…but show us that you are there! We love you all…seriously!

This week, you guys are entitled to a free pop at SplashData’s SplashMoney! SplashMoney is a really cool budgeting app – and is darn easy to use!

Last week’s price (a license of 4cast, a weather program) goes to Eli Greenfeld. In case anyone else wants a pop at the program, knock 20% off the product’s retail price in the TamsShop with the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY.

With that, this post ends – just talk back and leave behind an email address in order to participate!

The first round of Crazy Sunday has just ended on the six participating news services – and the winners have been determined and were furthermore contacted by email. But before we look at who lucked out, let’s look at this week’s price.

This week, I am proud to give away a license of 4cast from ShSh Software. ShSh’s 4cast scored a rave review at TamsPalm’s, and is one of the most useful weather programs available for the Palm OS.

As usual: post a non-spam comment with your email address in the email field on any news story to participate. The Tamoggemon Content team wishes you all the best!

Our free license of Resco News, the best news reader for Palm OS, goes out to user philpalm. In case anyone of you feels like getting the best news reader for Palm OS, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off in the TamsShop.

Dear Readers,
Please accept my most sincere apologies for not having written more in the past few days, but I was without my laptop due to a variety of shipment eekers with a German web shop.

However, better late than never…please give a warm welcome to crazy Sunday. Crazy Sunday is the latest brainchild of yours truly’s wife, and will allow you to pick up a nice bunch of free stuff in the next few months (void where prohibited!).

The rules of Crazy Sunday are easy: I announce a new product here every Monday, along with the winner of the last one. As this one is delayed, the next announcement will be on Monday, the 20th. BTW: the winner is chosen at random from all people who lave left behind a non-spam comment on any post along with a valid email address in the email field.

Palm OS users are treated to a free version of Resco News. In case anybody of you wonders: Resco News is an excellent feed reader which allows you to stay on top of your RSS feeds and other blogs on the go.

Resco News is an absolute must have for everybody who follows tech blogs like this one: trust me when I say that the program is the best feed reader on the market (across all platforms).

For the item above, all comments posted on the 12th of April are counted. In case you haven’t talked back yet, do so now – it is free and anonymous (your email address is protected by Austrian law unless you post political stuff).

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