No matter how little software you sell – having an own web site with a top-level domain is important. Not only does an email address look professional, but it also allows you to join the PEF club.

GoDaddy, a pretty nice domain reseller (ask your host if they have DNS servers of their own, however), currently sells domains for just 7$ a year: the discount code gdp0820c is all you need to have.

P.S. The domains drop with free POP3 email (one account) and basic, ad-supported hosting…
P.S.2 I am not affiliated to GoDaddy in any way except as paying customer.

Dear Readers,
it’s Sunday again – time for another giveaway. As every brick-and-mortar shop currently dors a blow-out sale, it’s time for one in the TamsShop, too!

Use the discount code AUGUSTSALE to get 20% off all software in the TamsShop. This offer is valid for each and every program available independent of platform – if it’s in the TamsShop, it’s now 20% off.


P.S. This discount code is valid until the 1st September – pass it on to your friends!

The HandyWeather giveaway is now over – four winners have each received their license via forum PM. However, the Tamoggemon content team’s pockets are almost endless: today, we are proud to give away the Fortte Centro Case pictured below:
9a Next giveaway: Fortte Centro Case

The case is unused (it was used 5min for this review) and will be mailed out to the winner of this giveaway. The sample currently is in Vienna, shipment to international destinations is 4€(payment via Paypal please).

Should you feel like taking it home, please leave a comment in the forum thread below:

After not having anything to give away last Sunday(sorry), I am proud to present you this week’s giveaway!
hweather HandyWeather giveaway

Paragon Group has provided us with free licenses for HandyWeather, an excellent weather program for mobile devices(TamsS60 review here)! We can give away licenses for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and S60 devices, and hope to do so next Saturday.

In case you feel like claiming one of the licenses for yourself, please visit the forum thread linked below and tell us which device you have!

Its Sunday again – time for yet another giveaway! Before we announce this week’s schwag, let’s take a look at last week’s winner. Forum user tomtom1977 posted a totally insane story about Centros, Treos and other stuff – he should check his PM box for instructions on how to claim his price!

Anyways, now it’s time for this week’s offer. Its soccer time(at least in Europe) – and nothinmg beats playing a new game while your significant other watches TV.

Thus, we give you the discount code FIGHTSOCCER. Use it to get 20% off any application in the TamsShop – get an immediate rebate by using it at checkout!


Attention all Centro owners: it’s Sunday again, and thus time for a giveaway! This time, our friends at Proporta’s have allowed us to give away a free sample of their Advanced Screen Protector for the newly-released Palm Centro!
0b THROWAWAY: Proporta Centro screen protector

The sample currently is in Vienna, shipment to international destinations is 4€(payment via Paypal please).

If you wish to get your hands on the thing(it’s originally packed), please visit the TamsForum giveaway thread linked below and tell us where you live and why you want it – the person with the best explanation gets it(will be chosen next Sunday)!

Resco Neeews is an excellent news reader for Palm OS devices – and usually costs a (small) bit of cash:
1a Help us improve TamsPalm and win a copy of Resco Neeews

However, our long-term friendship with Resco has allowed us to give away a free copy of the program to a lucky reader – but there’s a little job to do in order to qualify.

Tell us what you like and dislike about TamsPalm. What can we do to make TamsPalm better? Is there a topic that you would like us to cover? Anything you paticularily dislike? Or, are you totally happy and feel that we are the best news service in the world?

Visit the TamsForum, log in and post your feedback in the thread linked below in order to enter this contest(and don’t forget to state that you own a Palm OS device):

Some distributors sell bad programs at way too high prices, and then use a 25% discount code to make the price too high. At the TamsShop, our policy has always been cool apps at low prices – I am thus proud to present you with the following special offer(valid till February the 4th):

Use the discount code
in the TamsShop in order to get 25% off the following, fascinating programs. Yes, you are right – save 1/4 of the price!

Resco Backup/Backup Pro
Resco Backup and Backup Pro can keep your data safe – there may always be a binary splash of dirt around the corner!

Resco Explorer
Resco Explorer is Resco Explorer is Resco Explorer is Resco Explorer. Best file manager ever. Not a splash of dirt here – keeps your memory card clean.

Resco IDGuard
Resco IDGuard – the password manager to own them all. If you want your data to be truly secure, get this app before someone steals your Palm. Keep passwords and files(!!!!) safe – get Resco IDGuard!

Resco IDGuard currently is on special special offer – 33% without the code(do not use the code) until the 31st of January!

Resco Neeews
Best news reader. Nothing else to say. Must have.

Resco Sudoku
Sudoku. You know it’s boring. You are right. But you still love it :)

Resco Viewer
The photo viewer to bind them all. Splashy effects leave all other products in the dust. If you have a single image on your memory card, get this app – your images deserve it!

Come on, let’s clean up your Palm together!

2007 was a eventful year for all of us following the mobile computing market – both users and developers faced many new opportunities and challenges. Apple will soon make mobile applications a “commodity” with its ixxx devices; Nokia’s Touch and Motorola’s Z series have put motion into the entrenched war between S60 and UIQ.

At Tamoggemon’s; 2007 was the year of expansion. Pocket PC and Series 60 news services were launched in order to bring our quality content to more people around the world; and new applications were launched.

Nothing is better suited to celebrate success than a nice bunch of software discounts – here’s the list of what’s up for grabs:

Tamoggemon BallZ brings the JezzBall fun to your Palm – 30 colorful levels await you!
1 Prosit Neujahr   have a great New Years Eve with Tamoggemon

Use the discount code MERRYTAMOG to get 50% off the list price of 14.95$ in the TamsShop!

Binary Clock
Binary Clock – the number one Binary Clock for Palm OS. It supports FontBucket for TrueType font display and can also be used as WristPDA watchface!
2 Prosit Neujahr   have a great New Years Eve with Tamoggemon

Use the discount code MERRYTAMOG to get 50% off the list price of 9.95$ in the TamsShop!

Daily Quote
Daily Quote – the quote manager for Palm OS. Integrate quote tickers into ZLauncher and 2Day; have your handheld display a quote whenever it boots up; or just use it as a quote database to keep your favorite quotes or bible verses on you wherever you go. Version 3.1 of the app comes with lovely christmas and New Year’s Eve quotes….
3 Prosit Neujahr   have a great New Years Eve with Tamoggemon

Use the discount code MERRYTAMOG to get 50% off the list price of 9.95$ in the TamsShop!

FileFind – the best file finder for Palm OS. If there is a file hiding on your memory card, FileFind will find it for sure. Lost that audio recording from an important meeting(or that cool jpg file) – let FileFind do the searching for you!
4 Prosit Neujahr   have a great New Years Eve with Tamoggemon

Use the discount code MERRYTAMOG to get 50% off the list price of 9.95$ in the TamsShop!

TamsShop-wide discount
The code MERRYNEWSOFTWARE gives you 20% off all Palm OS, Symbian and Pocket PC Software in the TamsShop!

Feel free to get yourself or a friend a gift or two…

Last but not least, please stay with us in 2008! We are always busily at work in order to offer you new news services, analysts and applications – stay tuned for announcements soon! Have a nice New Year’s Eve; and stay with us!

All discounts valid until the 6/1/2008. Image provided by wikipedia!

Dear Readers,
in Austria, Santa Claus-o-mania has hit the masses(Austrians celebrate Santa Claus on the 6th). While most Austrians are running around stuffing one another full of chocolate, the TamsPalm team is hard at work to bring you the following opportunity to get your favorite app or game for cheap:

Use the discount code HOHOHO! in the TamsShop to get 20% off the list price of any and all applications that are available

Which app will you use to keep yourself busy as the masses go running by?

Handango recently launched a new program called Free App Friday that promises to give away a free, fully functional application on Friday. This is what it said on the Handango website:

Handango is giving away one (1) high quality, fully-functioning mobile software
application for FREE on Fridays! The free app is available from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. CST on Friday only. In addition,
the promotion features other applications at a 25% discount throughout the week.
Just visit
for details.

All you have to do is complete a short survey. Handango will then send you an email with a link so you can download your free app. They are calling the promotion, “Free App Friday.”

Soon I will see exactly what is involved in this “survey”, and try to actually receive a free application – So stay tuned!

Now that the Centro is released, what about purchasing some cool software for your Palm OS device? If you ever choose to change your device, most developers will let you port the license along – and if you don’t feel like upgrading, why not give your box an extra bit of oomph!

The discount code 20OFFCENTRO is valid in the TamsShop until the 31st for all kinds of software(for all platforms) – if you are at a loss for ideas, look at our Software reviews pages or look at the list of team favorites below:

Agendus Mail – great email program. Get rid of VersaMail.

Mundu IM – MSN, ICQ, whatever…keep in touch!

Resco Neeews – want News? Get them with style – use Resco Neeews!

Cool stuff
DailyQuote – Daily Quote for Palm Os allows you to display interesting quotes whenever your handheld starts up. It also makes a nice plug-in for ShSh’s 2day!

DialByPhoto – getting bored with your phone screen? DialByPhoto fixes that!

TreoWeather – weather apps are dime a dozen. But weather apps that display a cool landscape…

AcidSpider – spider solitaire. Tam was on the beta team. Any more questions?

Agendus for Palm OS – the PIM pro. Calendar, Contacts, Task list – plays nicely with Agendus mail!

Documents To Go 10 – DataViz brings Office 2007 files to Palm OS with Documents To Go 10. This gem of a title doesn’t only contain Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but also contains the only PDF viewer for Palm OS that works on all handhelds – without UDMH!

Google’s AdWords is a very interesting, altough a bit mysterious service. Most books for Micro ISV’s recommend it, but many Palm OS developers have had bad experiences.

Anyways, I just received an AdWords coupon at the Austrian MedienMesse. The coupon can be used when creating a new account and gives you 30€€ worth of ad clicks – however, adding it to an existing account will NOT work.

As said, I didn’t test this code myself – but trying AdWords out for free is a great opportunity that IMHO shouldn’t be missed!

So, send those emails to if you are interested!

P.s. O’Reilly has a nice book on AdWords(TamsPalm review here)…

It’s the 20th of the month. 20 apps are a lot. 20% off each of them is cool. Enjoy!

Agendus for Palm OS
Super-charge your contacts, appointments and meetings with Agendus 12!

Card Reader
Want to access the files on your Palm’s memory card easily? Card Reader is the solution!

Daily Quote
A quote a day keeps the doctor away!

iPhonize your Treo’s call screen – install DialByPhoto!

Mundu IM
Mundu IM – ICQ, MSN,… for your Palm OS box – nothing else to add here.

Resco Explorer
Resco Explorer…what else should I say. The best file manager for Palm OS. Period!

Resco Neeews!
Resco Neeews allows you to read all kinds of newsfeeds on the go – never use Plucker again!

SplashMoney is a nice app that will help you control your finances with ease! If you want to know more about your cashflow, get this gem by all means!

Need a self timer for your Treo’s camera? RNS:: is ready to help!

Use the discount code 20TH in the TamsShop at checkout to get 20% off! And better hurry up – the game is over on the 22nd!

Hey! These aren’t 20! Right – visit TamsPPC for the rest!

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