Dear Readers,
we have been evaluating the Android platform inside the company since it launched on the T-Mobile G1. Unfortunately, limited company-internal resources on the content network side have not permitted us to pursue the platform fully.

Recent developments, namely the hiring of a professional news editor (who has almost completed his training phase) and the advent of Qt for Android have motivated us to give the platform the attention it deserves.

Tune in to us at TamsAndroid to get one of the first reviews of the HTC Supreme – the URL is right here:

Another week – another opportunity for you guys to win something cool!

This week, we have partnered up with newPCgadgets. This highly innovative firm offers all kinds of solutions for making your phone more comfortable to use while in your office, and should most definitely be on your must see list in the near future. Their contribution is a smartphone coaster, which can turn out to be really, really useful.

As always: winning is really, really easy. Just leave a comment on any of the Tamoggemon web sites (valid email address required) – and you might just find an email from /me in your inbox next week…

Last week’s Golden Comment raffle saw our long-time sponsor Proporta give away a case to one lucky commenter – and the tally is now officially over.

This week, our winner is Chris from TamsPPC. He posted an insightful comment on Windows Phone 7, and will soon be contacted by Proporta.

For the rest of you, the game is easy: we will announce a new price in a few hours. Then, get commenting – with a bit of luck, you’ll be listed here next week!

Another week means another chance in the Tamoggemon Content Network’s Golden Comment raffle. Another chance to get something free, that is.

This week, our long-term sponsor Proporta has stepped up to offer a case to one lucky individual – if you are selected, you will be emailed and have to tell us which device you own.

As always, winning is easy. Just leave a comment somewhere on the Tamoggemon Content Network, and fill out that email field with a valid and useful address!

P.S. We will not spam you. And no, your address will not be sold…

Blame it on the holidays, but the last Golden Comment raffle ran a bit longer than it should.

Nevertheless, we now have a winner: Luc le Blanc wins his choice of a bluetooth dongle or device control wheel from our partner MobileFun.

Luc has already been emailed – the rest of you should stay tuned as this week’s installment starts in a few hours…

Dear Readers,
the Tamoggemon team wants to use this opportunity to thank you all for being here – your reading is what keeps our blog network alive!

In 2011, we will have a few exciting news bits for you:
Full-time editor
Tamoggemon will increase its staff in 2011, adding a full-time editor dedicated to the news network. This will lead to Tam Hanna focussing on interviews and reviews, leading to more unique content.

Golden comment – forever
Even though our Golden Comment is currently paused, we plan to continue it with full force in 2011. You will be able to win chocolate, books and more…

Finally, allow us to wish you a good 2011!

With best regards
Tam Hanna / Jatinder Singh for the Tamoggemon Content team

As stated in the past, your comments and news tips are what keeps this blog network running smoothly. We have decided to run a giveaway to thank you all for your input.

This week, our competition is sponsored by the folks at MobileFun’s. MobileFun is an up and coming retailer of all kinds of mobile gadgets, and definitely is worth more than a look.

For this week, we are proud to give away to the winner two products – he is allowed to pick which one he wants. Our first prize is the Clingo Universal Game Wheel, which is a really cool accessory for all accelerometer-controlled games. Alternatively, the winner can also pick a Nano Bluetooth dongle for his PC or notebook.

Winning is really easy: all you have to do is post an useful comment anywhere on the Tamoggemon Content Network. Post it anywhere during the next week, and leave your email adress behind – you might just get lucky.

Finally, please allow me to ask for feedback. Is there any type of price you are especially interested in? Books, maybe? Or Chocolate? Let us know by posting a comment here – these do count for the giveaway!

Last Sunday, we announced the first round of our new reward program called “the golden comment”. The first instance was kindly supported by our partners at Krusell‘s, who will donate a case to the lucky winner.

With great pride, I announce that the first round of the competition goes to LookALike. We have sent him an email, and hope that he will enjoy his price.

Stay tuned – the next round comes up shortly!

Symbian is not the simplest of operating systems. Getting started with it is made complex due to the weak documentation – while academically correct, it overburdens beginners with loads of useless background information.

As always, it is up to Tamoggemon to save the day. Tam Hanna, CEO and founder, has seen the insides and outsides of Symbian while creating various well-liked applications for the operating system. This knowledge is now available on flat pieces of dead trees.
 Open Source Press & Tamoggemon release book on Symbian programming

The book, which has been published by the German Open Source Press, takes C++ programmers and transforms them into lean and mean Symbian coding machines. Written in Tam Hanna’s usual witty style, the book covers all platforms from lowly S60v3 to the cutting-edge Symbian^3.

In addition, readers get introduced to a variety of supporting topics like distribution, the Ovi Store, Symbian Signed and even game programming. Of course, there’s no academic junk in all of that – just like Tamoggemon apps, the book hits the bull’s eye of the topics.

It takes a single look at the author – do you envision a man who looks so crazy having the stomach to bear useless fluff?
 Open Source Press & Tamoggemon release book on Symbian programming

Effective immediately, the 200 page book can be purchased at Amazon Germany or in bookstores all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland for a price of about 30€.

Dear Readers,
exciting times lay ahead for the Tamoggemon Content Network. First of all, a full-time news editor will be watching over the news shortly in order to keep you all in the loop. In addition, we plan to make life on these sites more fun by giving you free stuff. Yes, you have read right – free stuff, for doing essentially nothing.

For this week, we will be giving away a surprise prize donated by our friends at Krusell’s. While we cannot disclose what you will get, rest assured that you will like it (assuming that you have a mobile phone supported by their cases).

Winning is easy! All you need to do is leave an useful comment or news tip at any of our web properties. At the end of the week, we will determine an individual who will celebrate with our little prize.

With best regards
Tam Hanna

P.S. We are still looking at things to give away. Tell us what you would like to win (books, cases, software, etc) – maybe we will be able to work something out for you…

Convair XFY 1 Pogo WordPress updated to 3.0.2Dear Readers,
we have just performed an update to WordPress 3.0.2.

Updates like this one are necessary to keep the platform which powers our news services current and safe; and serve you directly by improving the speed and reliability of the sites.

Unfortunately, eekers can (and do) happen – should you encounter any issues, please leave a comment here or send a message to the @tamhanna Twitter account!

With that, we thank you for your understanding and hope to have served you well!

All the best
Tam Hanna

Image: Wikimedia Commons / unknown US Navy photographer

It once again is talking season for yours truly – this time, /me is hosted by the T-Dose conference team in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The talks are scheduled as following:
tam hanna tdose Meet /me at T Dose in Eindhoven

Unfortunately, my stay in Eindhoven ends immediately after the second talk. Nevertheless, chocolate can be hearned – /me hopes to see many of you there!

Find out more via the URL below:

Dear Readers,
this is just a quick ping to alert you to a Tam Hanna location change – from the 13th to the 15th, yours truly will be in London at the Nokia World.

Live reports will be posted to our Symbian blog!

In case anyone of you feels like a beer, give me a ring at 0043 676 7886431 – as I am on Hutchison, I will be able to keep my phone on all the time ;) .

With best regards
Tam Hanna

P.S. In 2007, the Symbian Smartphone show was held at EXCEL X. Anyone remember?

Dear Readers,
we are consistently working to improve your experience on this news service network. Your comments are always a great source of inspiration, and make us all very happy.

In order to simplify tracking your comments, we have now unveiled a new feature across the entire network. From now on, you can subscribe to comments when you leave a comment via the checkbox at the bottom of the commenting form.

Once this has happened, you will automatically receive a new email whenever a new comment is left at the post where you have commented before. You can then get back to whomever responded, and attack him if he happens to disagree :-) .

Jokes aside, we hope that this feature will make your life a lot easier. Get talking back!

With compliments
Tam Hanna and the Tamoggemon Content Network

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