safari_tp.JPGAt a store of the German phone provider “Telekom” I could test the iPhone’s Safari browser today and was surprised about it . So I shoot a photo of it displaying TamsPalm.

I already knew that the iPhone’s browser must be very good. Safari is Apple’s standard desktop web browser (and based on WebKit/KHTML/Konqueror). Palm users still have no similar browsers for their PDAs and phones (although PicselBrowser displays this site in a similar way). But this could change in 2008 as Donald Kirker announces the next version of Universe, his Palm browser. Even his old beta versions, which use his own engine, were popular. The new version will have a new UI and also use the WebKit engine.

Well today when I was checking my Gmail account, I happen to notice Gmail’s storage is now over 5 Gigabytes.

gmail Gmail Now Over 5GB

I’m so glad Google gives this much storage, because at the rate I’m using it, I need it ;-)

On the gmail login page there is a news bit entitled “New! IMAP Access!”

While this has been in the pipes for a while (a few slashdot articles show a few users getting beta testing of it) the news article states that “We’re rolling it out to everyone over the next few days”.

Will you enable GMail’s IMAP access?

Ron Fernandez has posted a very interesting whitepaper to his personal web site. Cutting a long story short, Ron covers the “design history” of the Palm Zire 71′s camera application and its controls. He looks at what Palm originally wanted to do and what happened in reality, giving good insight into Palm SG’s hardware design process.

Ron made it to a conference in Vienna…and the publisher charges $$$ for the whitepaper. However, Ron has it available for free on his web site – enjoy!

P.s. Thanks to the palm-dev-forum posters who informed me about the existence of this document!

The Palm Linux boys from HackNDev have played Whac-a-mole with our very own Alexander Gratz recently. Their page is up, down, up, down, staying down for maintenance…and now the page has risen from the dead with the following announcement:

Bringing H&D website up
Submitted by Farcaller on 29 September, 2007 – 11:25.

Unfortunately old hnd website is unrestorable in the accepted time period. That’s why I’ve decided to reinstall Drupal from scratch (we had to update it anyway). Sorry for making you register again but user table format has changed to the point where I can’t port it :(

If you find any bug or mistake on this site, please email me directly (farcaller at gmail).

I wish them well and hope that the new installation proves itself stable. If not, changing CMS to WordPress could maybe be an useful idea…

This is what the admin of Hackndev posted in his forum:

I’ve been rethinking H&D again last time. Our gallery is dead and forums are being attacked by spambots every often. Either we do something or we don’t (and this means we don’t care about H&D future anymore).

We have several ways to go from here.
CMH. Seems that it will be on site when it’s done, but I bet we will be playing Duke Nukem Forever earlier..
New Drupal. Same thing as we have now, but somewhat better. Bad point is that hnd would be reinstalled from scratch due to DB incompatibilities (this one would be moved to We start from a clean&shiny drupal.. then it would be not so clean and not so shiny but anyways..
Forum-based solution. We move H&D to some forum engine and base everything around it (I still think that forums are main part of H&D). Personally I know only one forum that is good enough – IPB. Bad point – it’s commercial piece of software.
other?.. Haven’t got any more ideas now. What do you all think?

To see other comments of his post or join the discussion, go here:

Some readers have reported that, the #1 site for Linux on Palm, is currently offline. The Hackndev developers in the IRC channel (; #hackndev) told me that they are working at the server and that will be online again in the next few days.

TamsPalm has always kept a low profile when it came to reporting about Apple’s iPhone(I do NOT like it) – rest assured that this will not change. However, since a lot of TamsPalm readers own iPhone’s, we still want to offer some information. So, here goes:

iPhone EULA taken apart – may you mod it?
SecurityFocus’s Mark Rasch takes a look at the AT&T and Apple contracts/EULA’s in order to answer the question if it is legal or not. The 6-page editorial may be a bit long, but will make an interesting read for all legal nuts – especially those interested in carrier contracts:

iPhone price drops, coupons for existing users
Apple finally cut the price of the 8GB iPhone – to 399$. Existing users are given a 100$ coupon at the iTunes store in order to silence the uproar:

Seth Godin on the iPhone price drop

Seth Godin takes a very interesting look at what Apple could have done instead of that 100$ coupon for early adopters:

Mike mace on the iPhone price drop
Mike Mace, a mobile technology veteran of PalmSource fame, takes a look at the implications of a price cut for a mobile device:

That should give all iPhone nuts more than enough stuff to read – please leave me alone to play with my Treo, ipaq and N71 now, ok :-)

The German edition of TamsPalm is now also on our Tamoggemon server. The new URL is:

All German readers will find new content on this page.

Palm’s handhelds sometimes have to be sent in to get fixed…having a second handheld is a very helpful thing then, as it allows you to keep working on the go. 1src member Alex Ethridge asked how to configure his desktop in order to make the “swapout” process as painless as possible…and he got quite a few replies.

The whole thread is very interesting – if you own more than one handheld, give it a click:

Palm’s Tungsten T3 is a very popular Palm OS PDA – if mine would still work well, I would probably still use it every now and then. Anyways, getting new T3′s has become pretty hard in the last months, and batteries have begun to fail for many…GetHighTech’s offer on refurbished T3′s could come in handy for some.

Essentially, for 120$(plus shipping), you get a refurbished T3 with a cradle/charger included. GetHighTech has a pretty well reputation overall – the offer is here:

OnBoardC – a very useful compiler for programming on the go – just got its official wiki. here are the relevant parts from Davidn Beers’s announcement to the OnBoardC mailing list:

No worries! I’ve set it all up for you. SourceForge made it really easy.
The new wiki is at

Until I’ve talked it over with Steve I decided not to make the wiki *completely*
open for any miscreant or spambot to edit, but all you need to do if you want to
add something to the wiki is drop one of us an email with a polite request that
will help us distinguish you from the miscreants and spambots without thinking
too had about it.

OK, that’s not *completely* true: you need to create a SourceForge login for
yourself at and let us know what your username is after
you’ve done so (it’s sometimes referred to as a Unix username, since that’s
technically what it is).

As soon we get your email and one of us can get to it, we’ll add you to the
project with sufficient privileges that you can edit away on the wiki to your
hearts content.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

The wiki will contain most(if not all) of OnBoardC’s semi-official documentation – it’s a must read for every OnBoardC developer.

P.s. Just to proove what OnBoardC can do – Daily Quote was written using only OnboardC and Bird on a Treo 600!

There is a new version of Universe which also runs on Treo 650. Previous versions crashed because of a problem with NVFS. The GIFLib is also updated and will expire on 1st September 2007. You should delete the old beta version of Universe and all files belonging to it (more details + downloads on

BTW, The developer is currently rewriting his browser and wrote this in his forum:

I am currently re-writing the browser, and so far, the code I have is fast, and it isn’t even ARM native yet smiley Universe Update for Treo 650

It will be much better. Watch for “Core Test” applications that will show off some of this stuff. They are more technical than functional, but it will keep any people who might doubt the progress a bit quite.

Donald Kirker, the developer of Universe, has set up a new forum where you can discuss about Universe, post bugs or search for help. Here’s the URL:

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