Oracle, the leader in Java development tools plans to enter the mobile space. Oracle founder, Larry Ellison revealed considering the purchase of Blackberry maker Research in Motion or Palm. The confident Larry added “I had the idea we could enter the smartphone business and compete”.

Plenty of companies were considering the deal and Larry Ellison confirmed in court testimony that his company- Oracle- had considered snapping Palm back in the day. While Oracle thought, HP purchased the Palm for $ 1.2 billion.


Phil McKinney, the ex CTO at HP, is also known as an ace innovator in the industry. He left HP last year to pursue his “other interests”.

His book Beyond the Obvious: Killer Questions That Spark Game-Changing Innovation promotion saw an interview of his with fellow author Rick Mathieson. According to McKinney

[The Palm acquisition] was going to be a long term effort. Palm was struggling and HP was stepping in, doing the acquisition, and we were basically going to take three years hands-off. Palm was basically going to get cash infusions, resources, and expertise. But Palm was going to be given three years to basically get itself positioned to be a market leader in its space. Now, fast forward to July of 2011 and, one, you had a swap out of the CEOs – Leo comes in as the new CEO – and HP, for whatever reason – I was not a part of this decision – made the decision to kill it, one year into the three year program. This is an example of not committing long term to the resources and not having patience for innovation.

McKinney was in the core team that was responsible for the acquisition of Palm, but he was not there when the plug was pulled.


For people on webOS 1.4.5 devices, you were definitely missing on a decent document editor for your Pre, Pre+, and Pixi. Worry not, for Picsel SmartOffice Suite has arrived.

Picsel has released a version of it’s SmartOffice suite for 1.4.5 devices complete with viewing, creating, and editing MS Office documents, which can be further shared via Dropbox or Google Docs. Future updates will improve support for PowerPoint, while Adobe PDF is also supported.

You can download the Picsel SmartOffice Suite from

Nothing much to add here…!!

Aceeca, the firm that has held on tight to the legacy PDAs in the modern times, has decided to phase out the Meazura MEZ1000. The reason is the obvious difficulty to obtain components.

aceeca mez1000 rda  16177 thumb Aceeca gives Meazura MEZ1000 the End of Life notice

According to Aceeca,

After a production life of almost 10 years, the MEZ1000 is nearing the point where its days are numbered. The fast pace at which technology moves has contributed to our need to ‘end of life’ (EOL) the MEZ1000, as it is proving more and more difficult to source some of the major components needed to continue production.

Of course, this is not to say that we are stopping immediately, as we want to support you, our valuable customers and not leave you in the lurch as we phase out the MEZ1000 and phase in our new MEZ1500 which replaces the MEZ1000.

As the MEZ is still in demand, Aceeca has decided to “upgrade” the MEZ1000 to MEZ1500.

meazura 1500 thumb Aceeca gives Meazura MEZ1000 the End of Life notice

The MEZ1500 is now available and offers both Garnet and WinCE operating systems, with various Linux options along with Android coming in future months.

The MEZ1500 includes a number of new features that extend the functionality found in the MEZ1000. Importantly it will allow you to easily transport your applications from the MEZ1000 and ensure minimal inconvenience and costs.

From the outside the MEZ1500 is nearly identical to the MEZ1000, although the first thing you will notice is the higher resolution color LCD at 240 x 320 pixels, compared to the MEZ1000 at 160 x 160 pixels. In the tradition of the MEZ1000, the internal MZIO™ expansion bus continues to be a major feature of the MEZ1500 allowing the easy transition of existing customer modules designed for the MEZ1000.

MEZ1500 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for Windows CE is essentially complete and we will begin field trials next week.

Over the next month we will be looking to source critical EOL components for the MEZ1000 so that we can extend our MEZ1000 offering for as long as you require. As you can imagine, when doing this it is difficult to determine how much is enough, for our final stock levels. Therefore we would appreciate your feedback on your potential orders over the next six months, so that we can factor this in.  Keep in mind that the stock we make for general sale will be on a “first come first served basis”.

If for any reason you cannot use the MEZ1500 as a replacement and absolutely must have the MEZ1000 then we can look at purchasing sufficient EOL components so as to allow us to manufacture devices for you for several years. This will require a US$96.00 deposit per unit which will allow us to purchase the components and store them for you. In the event that you do not use them we will do our best to sell them to other customers or return them to you for disposal as you see fit. Upon payment of the deposit the components will become your property and we will store them for you.

If you want to purchase the MEZ 1000 or the MEZ1500, you can contact Aceeca.

Leo Apotheker, aka the wrecker of our beloved webOS, as we all know, has been told to step down from the position of CEO. Customarily, every CEO writes a memo to all the employees before using his access card the last time.

Here is Leo’s goodbye memo

TO: All HP Employees
FROM: Léo Apotheker

Dear HP Employees:

This afternoon, HP issued a press release announcing my resignation as president and CEO, positions I have held with great honor this past year. Meg Whitman will assume the role of president and CEO.

As you know, Meg is a technology visionary with a proven track record of execution and has served HP well as a member of the board for the past eight months. Meg will be supported by a broad and deep management team, and I have the utmost confidence that HP will succeed in executing its strategic evolution.

On a personal level, I cannot begin to express the admiration I have for all of you – and what you have accomplished together. Over the past year, we were tasked with developing a strategic vision for HP and I know we have made important contributions to the company’s future.

Your efforts on behalf of HP and your dedication to our customers have inspired me – and I am confident that HP has a bright future because of the talented people that come to work here every day. Thank you for your commitment to HP and for your dedication in serving HP’s customers and partners. It has been a tremendous honor and a pleasure to work with you here at HP.


Léo Apotheker


Well, that is a brisk one.

Leo Apotheker is better known as the man who drove HP right down the toilet. Since his arrival in October 2010, things have went from bad to worse. Apotheker who was previously the CEO of SAP, was appointed HP CEO while the hardware giant was looking towards software and cloud for future growth.

HP bought Palm in the hope of turning webOS into a profitable platform, but failed miserably to do so and it had to sell the remaining TouchPads at half the price, not to forget the recent firing of scores of developers and engineers.

Mobile Business Briefing reports

HP’s board is rumoured to be weighing up the possibility of replacing its current CEO, Léo Apotheker, with former eBay chief Meg Whitman, according to Bloomberg and Reuters sources.

The sources said Whitman – who successfully built up eBay’s business during her time there – is being considered to fill the CEO role on a temporary or permanent basis.

Since the time the news (or rumor) went public, HP saw a relief in its share prices which increased by 7%. The same share prices had dropped to more than 50% since the arrival of Leo Apotheker. The news also added US$3 billion to HP’s market value.

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