The already dead webOS is officially on life support. According to the Palm Blog

A new over-the-air update for HP Touchpad is now available. (For details about how over-the-air updates work, click here.)

Some of the new functionality you’ll find in the new update include:

  • A new Camera app for photos and video
  • The ability to pair non-webOS phones to your Touchpad, so you can answer calls on your Touchpad. Pairing with non-webOS Bluetooth keyboards has also been streamlined.
  • Support for OGG Vorbis music files
  • Online/offline messaging status support.

In addition to new features, you’ll also experience better performance, user interface improvements, and other enhancements such as support for accelerometer events in Adobe Flash Player, and more robust Skype video calling.

The complete changelog can be found here. This update is a sigh of relief to all those buyers who spent their hard earned money (including the lucky ones who got their Touchpads for $100) and bought a device that was killed days later.

Folks, webOS now stands updated to 3.0.2. After missing the July deadline, the update has been rolled out via OTA.

webOS 3.0.2 now available

webOS 3.0.2

The changelog includes:


  • Quicker Just Type event search and event creation
  • Improved handing of meeting cancellations


  • Faster scrolling
  • Improved message content and image display
  • Improved management of multiple emails in Draft and Outbox views


  • Reduced audio skipping when the device is running other applications
  • Better display of album art

Photos & Videos

  • Added ability to set wallpapers
  • Faster and more reliable handling of individual photos and albums

Text Assist

  • Improved speed and accuracy of auto-corrections


  • Increased scrolling support compatibility within web pages
  • Improved performance of remote HTML5 video playback
  • Improved responsiveness of auto correction within the browser

webOS System

  • Fixed issues with oversensitive screen rotation

You just need to go to the system updates and download the update which is reported to be something 38MB is size.

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